Destroy Plane Computer is a mission in Armored Core.

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Chrome

Advance: 15000

Upon success: 25000

Theater of operations: Giant Crater "Big Hit"

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Destroy nose and all MTs

Briefing Edit

The other day, one of our special transports crashed while flying over
the Naglarder area. Satellite images show the wreck near the center of
a giant crater called "Big Hit".

We are not worried about the cargo, but the problem is records of our
transactions are stored in the transport's computer. They are encrypted
but not absolutely safe.

Unconfirmed reports put a Murakumo detachment in the area. You must
completely destroy the nose section holding the recorder.
Destroy all Murakumo on sight.

If you let even one of them escape, your mission will fail. Be sure to
shoot them all down.

That is all.




Radio: "This is the target. The nose of the downed plane is in the center of the crater. Destroy it."



  • It is possible to destroy Mizuho Kamuis Barracuda transport plane after he left it, but doing so brings no additional reward.
  • You get an additional 500 if all parts of the downed plane are destroyed.
  • One Barrucada is your transport and the other one is Mizuho Kamuis transport.

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