Destroy Military Base

The Raven arrives.

Destory Military Base is one of three starting missions in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Vertex

Operation Area: Camp Fortherd

Objective: Destroy the Installation

Reward: 0c


"The target of this mission is an Alliance military installation."

"Still in the midest of construction, Camp Fortherd is poorly defended and vulnerable to attack."

"Now is the perfect time for us to strike. This will be a timed operation, so stay focused and work quickly."

"Keep in mind that you'll be compensated based on the results of your actions."


In this level you get paid in proportion to the number of objects you destroy in the mission. When you arrive there is ample security that can kill a new player. If you keep moving you should be fine. Start by running over the tents to defeat the infantry and the few helicopters are easily killed. Two helicopters appear at a time and they can be a pain. You do get rewarded for killing them but more show up quickly afterward; there is effectively an unlimited supply. This is a very simple mission which is nearly impossible to fail.

Hidden PartEdit

Right arm weapon: WH05M-SYLPHEdit

This hangerable machine gun is found in the center buildings second floor in a box.

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