Chemical-Dyne Lab Fuel Depot 2

Chemical-Dyne Lab Fuel Depot

Destroy Fuel Depot is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 21000

Theater of operations: Chemical-Dyne Lab Fuel Depot

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Destroy all tanks and escape


We want to perform a secret survey of a Chemical-Dyne Co. research lab located in the East region.

We have heard many troubling rumors about a certain company's research. From the information that we've gathered so far, this seems to be Chrome's doing.

Your mission is a diversionary action in support of the survey team entering the lab. Attack the fuel depot adjacent to the lab and blow up all of the fuel tanks inside.

The survey team plans to enter the lab during the commotion. You must escape from the depot after blowing up all the tanks. If discovered by the guards, you'll have trouble.

There is probably a large number of tanks in the fuel depot. Be careful to avoid damage from the explosions.



Radio: Raven! That's enough. Go back now.


This mission is fairly simple but you want to bring along a rocket or another weapon that is good at aiming manually. Don't rely on missiles as the Jammer MTs prevent you from locking on.

The light Plasma Cannon is a good choice especially with the secret Human PLUS attributes. Once you enter the first area, you'll here the computer give you a warning about the FCS being offline. It can easily be brought back when the Jammers are destroyed. There are a few turrets as well but they should be dealt with after the Jammers are gone.

After taking care of the enemies, destroy the fuel tanks but note that they explode when destroyed so don't blade them. There are also alcoves with the barrels in and it may be hard to destroy them without taking damage.

The second room has a similar layout including Jammers and Turrets in it so deal with them. On the left side of the room (as you come in) has the alcove with the revered KARASAWA. After destroying the tanks, don't continue on as you'll leave the area failing the mission. Return the way you came and you'll encounter a few Guard Walkers. After killing them, exit the way you came in and you'll complete the mission.


  • It is imperative that you locate the AC part; the WG-1-KARASAWA. This weapon is by far the most powerful in the game and can rip apart any enemy in a few shots. It can be found at the very back of the depot, hidden amongst some large fuel barrels on a tall ledge, destroying the barrels will reveal the KARASAWA for your taking.
  • If you equip a head with a noise canceler function your AC will not be affected by the Jammer MTs.
  • Do not blade the fuel tanks, as the resulting explosions will seriously damage your AC.

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