Destroy Cannon is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: Izumo Materials

Reward: 33000

Theater of operations: Borian Highland Cannon Ruins

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy the Cannon

Mission Area: Borian Highland

Mission Scene: Extinct Volcano

Safety Level: 26


The requester is Izumo Materials. We've recieved information indicating that a colossal cannon, built during The Great Destruction, is in the process of being restored.

Verify this information, and if the reports we've recieved turn out to be true, destroy the cannon before restoration can be completed.

Izumo Materials, whose emphasis is space development, has plans to launch a satellite.
The cannon is apparently set to target this satellite.

If restoration of the cannon is indeed underway, explosive charges must be set and the cannon
destroyed completely.




[Communication]: "We have arrived at the combat area. We’ll leave as soon as your AC is deployed."

[Lana Nielsen]: "Energy transfer to the cannon has been detected. It looks like they’ll be firing soon. Set all four bombs."

[Lana Nielsen]: "Unidentified units approaching... probably enemy reinforcement."

[Locagos] "You’re pretty strong, but this is where it ends."

[Lana Nielsen]: "AC identification verified as Toll-Keeper, a member of the Sub-Arena. We can’t pick you up while he’s around. Destroy him within the given time limit."

[Lana Nielsen]: "Looks like you made it. We’re coming in to retrieve you now."


This mission is nothing too special. However, Butterflies are a pain to actually hit due to how fast they are. A good weapon of choice to shoot them down is the WG-MG500/E; since it's a fully automatic weapon, it very easily tracks the Butterflies and can shoot them down very quickly, due to their fragile structure. Although it's not the best weapon to deal with Locagos, he's not particularly hard either way. Anyways, once the Butterflies have been dealt with, you can easily set the bombs without having to worry about them pestering you.

The fight with Locagos is not that difficult. Compared to battling him in the Arena, the damage of his weapon arms have been heavily nerfed. This makes him fairly simple to beat in the long run. Once he's killed, you win the mission, and get to watch a cutscene of the cannon exploding violently.


  • Should you fail the mission, you will see a cutscene where the cannon fires.