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This mission is a pain in the ass and you may very well want to take on the easier mission of destroy the bridge. For those of you who are stubborn sticking to doing Vertex jobs get ready. There are swarms of fighter jets followed by waves of bombers and then waves of transport ships. The bombers and the transport ships are the primary targets but if you do not quickly take out every fighter you see they will widdle you down. After about 5 attempts i completed the mission using dual solid rifles, solid EO, and orbit cannon dispense dual back weapons. I also used the extra rifle round extension. Use the orbit cannon dispenser at the beginning when the first swarm comes. Try to save it for the fighter jets as youll need to set it in their flight path and then hurry to take out bombers. When the transports drop MTs make the MTs a priority because they are EMC jamming bastards. For your inside equipment i suggest decoy pods with alot of ammo as much of the dmg dealt by the fighter jets will come from constant missile harass. GL because you wont HF.

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