Destroy AC Vigilance is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Headquarters

Operation Area: Garav Desert

Objectives: Destroy AC Vigilance

Rewards: 68,000c, WL-MOONLIGHT

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request has been issued by Alliance HQ and involves the elimination of a Raven turned traitor.

It seems the pilot in question intends on following Evangel.

Ed Weisz


This is an emergency request. We need help eliminating the AC named Vigilance.

The AC's pilot, Triturate, has joined forces with our former tactical unit commander, Evangel. He has betrayed his loyalties to Alliance.

Some of our troops are already locked in combat with the target, but this is more a delaying action than anything else. They won't last much longer.

Head to the Garav Desert and make sure the traitor is eliminated. It's possible that Evangel may get involved, so proceed with care.

We can't afford any mistakes on this mission, do not let us down.



Sheila:Target sighted. Take it down.

Triturate:Headquarters sent you didn't they!?

Triturate:I can't believe you're this good!


Sheila:You did it!

Sheila:Good job, Raven.

Situation ReportEdit

Triturate was actively involved with the Alliance Tactical Unit for a long time.

It seems he fell out of favor with HQ once he decided to follow in Evangel's footsteps. Things are growing more complicated with the passing of every hour. I wonder what else awaits us?

Ed Weisz


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