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Requester: Vertex

Operation Area: Versus Highland

Objective: Destroy AC Sundial

Reward: 64,000c


"We'd like you to eliminate a Raven who is working for Alliance."

"The deadline for your attack is approaching; we must eliminate as many opponents as possible before then."

"In the end, AC power will determine who wins and who loses."

"We need to support exceptional Ravens such as yourself if we are to achieve our goal."


Okay, after defeating Bolt, Sundial may seem like a breeze but don't take her too lightly. She starts out in front of her with two ZEKUH helicopters floating around. She begins by attacking with her vertical missile plus missile extensions that can cause some damage. With a faster AC though, these can be negated, leaving her with the PIXIE 2 and WYRM, which still are partially dangerous. Fortunately, her AC is very fragile and can be taken down by some good cannon fire by a tank or another powerful weapon. I personally haven't tried this with a medium AC but I figure it can be done. After killing her, just destroy the two ZEKUH (look directly above you, these buggers just love to sit right above you) and it's game over.But wait..... there's more. Another way to defeat Sundial is to use micros against her. Fire when she is at the ground or else you'll miss.

Secret Part

  • WH10M-SILKY (Right Arm version) simply beat Sundial


Armored Core Last Raven Destroy AC Sundial01:36

Armored Core Last Raven Destroy AC Sundial

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