Defend Lawdas Factory is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 30000c

Operation Area: Lawdas Weapons Factory

Enemy Forces: Reverse-joint MTs, Aerial Combat MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

Operation Code: Painful Spear

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Lawdas Weapons Factory

Start Time: 18:30

Security Level: 6

Estimated Success Rate: 19%

Recommended Raven Rank: A


"Because of an oversight, our first surface-based weapons factory was built closer to the Silent Line than we intended. It is subjected to unremitting satellite-mounted cannon attacks."

"Mirage is aware of the constant threat faced by the factory and intends to take advantage of the next round of attacks to launch an assault of their own."

"The area surrounding the factory is rich in minerals which, despite the obvious dangers, is the reason we maintain our presence there."

"A reward has been arranged that is in line with the difficulty of this mission. Mirage's efforts to seize the factory must be foiled."



  • Crest has provided multiple supply vehicles to replenish ammunition and AP.


Emma: "Targets approaching. Move to intercept."

Dispatcher: "Raven, we're tracking the satellite's progress now."

Dispatcher: "It will be in range soon. Watch yourself."

Dispatcher: "Cannon bursts imminent. Keep moving!"

Dispatcher: "Unidentified target detected!"

Dispatcher: "The enemy is withdrawing. Finish off those you can."

Dispatcher: "Target destroyed."

Dispatcher: "I can't believe you made it, that was some great piloting."


This mission is a pain because of the space born laser that is floating above you, firing down blue bolts of death that deal 3000+ damage to you. A cheap tactic is that there are certain parts where the laser can't get to you for some reasons, namely behind the resupply cars or they strike there seldom. They do follow you with a red targeting laser appearing first with the main blast following. The best tactic is to keep moving, boosting when you need to get away from the lasers or exploit its aforementioned weakness.

The initial enemies are the missile slinging reverse joint and the annoying flying howitzer and laser firing models. These keep spawning as long as the cannon is firing, so it is best to only play damage control on the howitzer models as the attacks continue. These shots begin to pick up pace to a frantic "downpour" of shots, one of these destroying part of the central structure where a hidden part is located.

After this a Big White shows up becoming this level's main threat. When the bombardments begin to get heavy it's best to rearm at a supply truck because you are invincible when this occurs. When you are prepared, destroy the Big White however you want. For a PLUS AC the chaingun works best with EO otherwise machinegun and EO work wonders against it. It is possible but very risky to blade it when it is firing its main plasma cannon.

When Big White falls, just mop up the rest of the MTs and the mission is over.