Defeat the Spirit of Motherwill is a mission in Armored Core: For Answer.



I'll tell you about your mission.

The client is Omer Science Technology. The target is BFF Corporation's main Arms Fort, Spirit of Motherwill.

The enemy AF is armed with large-bore, long range ordinance. It's an oversized, out-of-date machine, but the long-range punch it can deliver still makes it a serious threat.

To counter this, the client has proposed you use a Vanguard Overed Boost unit to approach your target. Its tremendous speed should allow you to close on the target's perimeter without getting hit.

Once you've closed in, target the gun's batteries. Destroying those guns should also cause damage to the machine's interior. It's pretty poorly designed, but that kind of sloppy work is expected of them.

That's the briefing.

This is a very important mission for Omer Science Technology. We hope you come through for us.


Spirit of Motherwil Killdozer (hard mode) Several normals (mainly GA03-SOLARWIND's) on the motherwill herself


Serene Haze:Commence mission. Destroy the BFF Arms Fort, Spirit of Motherwill. First, the VOB will let you quickly close in on the target. This is real high-speed combat. You'll need 100% focus.

Serene Haze:VOB nearly depleted. Prepare for normal battle maneuvers!

Serene Haze:VOB depleted. Purging! Those cannons will rip you to shred. Focus on evading their fire.

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)Yiaaaargh!

Serene Haze:(Hard Mode)Killdozer. An indiscriminate killing machine.

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)Yeeaaargh!

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)Haaah!

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)Yeeehaaa!

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)Waaaargh!

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)Daaamn you!

Champion Champs:(Hard Mode)N-Nooooooo!

Serene Haze:Good. You're in. Remember the briefing. Take out those cannons. If our intel is right, that should take it out in one feel swoop.

AF Spirit of Motherwill Engineer:Fire in Block 5! Block 3 is burning!

Serene Haze:You're making good progress. In any case, the mission plan is all we've got now.

AF Spirit of Motherwill Engineer:Fire in Block 8! Block 4 is on fire now! The main shaft is taking damage! We can't control it!

Serene Haze:It looks like its working. This is your chance. Take it down!

AF Spirit of Motherwill Engineer:Main shaft is overheating! Temperatures are out of control! It's no good! It won't hold!

AF Spirit of Motherwill Engineer:All hands prepare for ground evacuation! All hands, abandon vessel! Get out! Motherwill's breaking apart!

Serene Haze:Confirmed. Motherwill has fallen. Mission complete. Now you can really call yourself an elite mercenary.

Post Mission BriefingEdit

Roadie:So the new Lynx took down Motherwill?

Lilium Wolcott:Affirmative, Roadie. There's no doubt about it. Collared twice confirmed the report.


Otsdarva:So I guess this one is a real Lynx after all?

Wynne D. Fanchon:I hope so...

Wynne D. Fanchon:What about the ones who attacked Arteria?

Wynne D. Fanchon:They managed to launch a surprise attack on a Cradle facility in broad daylight, with complete impunity. Their leaders must be punished severely.

Wong Shao-Lung:Indeed.

Wong Shao-Lung:If you cannot follow the rules, then you cannot be allowed to play the game.

Wong Shao-Lung:It is the same whether you are Line Ark, or the ghost of Rayleonard himself...



The mission begins with the player strapped into a Vanguard Overboost unit, hurtling toward the Arms Fort's position. During this time, the Spirit will unleash numerous volleys from its heavy cannons similarly to the mission Defeat AF Giga Base, although these are comparatively slower and easy to dodge. Be careful, though, as the volleys can be hard to see due to the brightness of the sky.

Just as the Spirit begins to come into view, the VOB unit will deplete and disengage, leaving the player well within range of the missile launchers mounted to the platforms on the upper levels of the unit, as well as still being in the line of fire of the cannons and in a particularly heavy cluster of buildings.Killdozer is also going to attack you once VOB disengages. From here, the recommended action is to Overboost while still above the level of the buildings to get under the Spirit, thus taking its main cannons out of play.


After the player's energy level is replenished, the best way to set about destroying the Spirit of Motherwill is to fly up to the top section and destroy the unit's missiles. Beware of the numerous volleys missiles from each individual launcher, as they can rapidly deplete Primal Armor, and also sometimes have a stun effect. If the missile launchers are covered, they are invulnerable, so do not waste ordinance on them, and find the ones that are open to completely remove Motherwill's only real offense. (A number of small turrets are dotted about the hull, these however are only equiped with machine guns, and have poor range and accuracy. They suffer further from extremely poor damage potential, but multiple turrets landing a prolonged series of hits can strip PA and rack up damage over time. However, this can easily be avoided by simply staying on the move.)

Once all the missile silos are taken out, start targeting the defensive batteries and main cannons of the Arms Fort. The easiest way to do this is to simply destroy both sets of large bore cannons, and then target the cannon batteries under the tips of each "petal." By this point, numerous radio transmission from both one's Operator and the Spirit crew will indicate that the interior is starting to catch fire. Eventually, when enough of the guns are taken out, the Operator will inform the player of Spirit's operations ceasing, followed by a cutscene showing a closeup of numerous small explosions on the surface of the arms fort, before showing the collapsing vessel from a distance, and pans out to include the player in close proximity to the camera as the ammunition storage for the forward main gun turret detonates.

Alternatively, the player can attack the midsection of the SoM with heavy grenade launchers/rockets. After destroying the decks just above the middle legs, the tunnel-like NEXT catapults and the helipads on the side of the superstructure, the AF will split in two.

Hard ModeEdit

In hard mode, be wary of Killdozer. If you leave him to his own devices, he'll most likely follow you and try to kill you with his dozars. While you shouldn't devote all your thoughts on him, keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't hit you while you're busy destroying the Arms Fort; while his weapons aren't as painful as a 'true' blade, it'll still be enough to take out your chances for an S rank.

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