Data Retrieval Cypress

The Raven fighting Cypress

Data Retrieval is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Data Retrieval Details

Mission Details

Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 49000c

Operation Area: Layered Hub

Enemy Forces: AC x 1, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Destroy target AC

Operation Code: Zero Again

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Layered Hub

Start Time: 08:00

Security Level: 7

Estimated Success Rate: 19%

Recommended Raven Rank: -


Data Retrieval Briefing

Mission Briefing

Members of our intelligence network recently learned of a Crest plan to send a Raven into Layered Hub. We believe they are after information concerning the Silent Line.

It's unknown whether any information can be retrieved from the Controller's data banks, but we're not willing to take the chance that there is, and leave Crest to reap the rewards.

This mission has two objectives: The first is to destroy the Raven employed by Crest, the second is to retrieve any information that may still reside on the Controller's data banks.

Our reconnaissance team will handle the data retrieval, your job is to take out the Raven.



Emma: That's odd it's not responding.
Emma: Someone's jamming the signal!
Ori: Mirage... just as we thought...
Ori: Moon Salt here. Target identified. Moving in.
Cypress: Roger that. Proceeding as planned.
Ori: Uaahh!
Cypress: Moon Salt down. Engaging the target now.
Emma: Watch out Raven!
Cypress: Good timing Clover Knight, let's finish this!
Gold Bit: Roger!
Cypress: Guaaa...
Gold Bit: You'll pay for that, Raven!
Gold Bit: Ahhhh!
Cypress: I'm finished...Recovery team...Pull back...

Walkthrough Edit

This mission is straightforward but difficult in that you face three ACs in short succession. The first one Ori appears in a door above you as you descend down the elevator (which is the same as in the final level of Armored Core 3) and begins to pepper you with twin laser rifle shots. Due to the confines it is possible (and recommended) to try and pin it against a wall while swinging with a blade, preferably the MOONLIGHT. Due to AC's still not being up to full health, Ori'll fall quickly.

After destroying Ori, the next enemy is Cypress, a nasty hover PLOW AC. He peppers you with a chaingun while flying around. Take cover and respond with kind. It is possible but difficult to finish him off before Gold Bit shows up, then you have a 2 on 1 AC fight. Use cover smartly and pound both and they will fall.

In Silent Line Portable, the effective KARASAWA MK2 can be found on top of the destroyed Controller. It is best to kill one of the ACs before trying to get this part. It isn't too difficult as an AC rarely follows you and it is one of the best weapons in the game.


  • Data Retrieval takes place in the same area as Infiltrate Layered Hub. This time though, the Layered Hub has no turrets and is badly damaged.
  • In Silent Line: Armored Core Portable, the KARASAWA-MK2 can be picked up on top of The Controller's core.