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Daemon - Emblem

Daemon's Emblem

Daemon is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena and holds the position #1.

AC LuciferEdit

AC Lucifer

AC Lucifer

Red and black middleweight, two-leg AC design with an overall high level of performance. The unit's close range aerial combat ability is exceptional.

The unit is equipped with a machine gun, energy machine gun, back mounted linear guns, and a solid EO core. Fighting style is categorized as fast and aggressive, combining the machine guns and EO for a close range onslaught and switching to linear guns to deal massive damage. The unit has OP-INTENSIFY, and can stay airborne for long periods of time without landing.


Of all opponents faced in the game, Daemon is possibly one of the hardest to beat, ranking a little lower than ultimate Zinaida and the Super Aerial Pulverizer without proper skill. A few key things to remember are:

  • Never leave the ground when fighting him. If you go airborne, so will he, and then it will become near impossible to track him taking into consideration his speed and weapon of choice (the linear gun). This is especially true for those playing Portable.
  • End the fight as quickly as possible. It is suggested that you use powerful and hard hitting weapons that can do the most damage in the shortest period of time as the longer the battle goes, the more the chances of winning decrease.
  • Close range is unadvised. The linear guns work at all ranges, but Daemon is murderous in close combat thanks to his combination of the NIX machine gun and energy machine gun, which will tear away at your AP.
  • AC speed is a must. Make sure that your AC can hit at least 400 min so that you can keep up with Daemon's pace. If you don't, you will lose, fast.
  • At long range, use missile barrages, when he gets closer, hit him with anything else.
  • Be sure to use the giant pillars as cover, because every now and then Daemon will get stuck behind one, giving you room to breath. At the same time, be sure to plot your movement carefully, because if you are backpedaling and hit a pillar, it will take a few moments to boost away which will give Daemon time to hammer you with his linear gun.

Newcomers are highly suggested to avoid fighting Lucifer due to the sheer difficulty and also the potential to lose large amounts of money.


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