The DUSKAROR is a NEXT model that debuts in Armored Core: For Answer.

Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: Algebra
Generator: EKHAZAR-GEN
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War


A variant of Algebra's new EKHAZAR model, the DUSKAROR was designed with ground combat as its key strength. Being a quadruped design, the DUSKAROR functions best in lightning-fast hit-and-run tactics to get the drop on enemies and make a quick exit.

The only known user of this model is Shamir RaviRavi.


After the Lynx War and their re-organization, Algebra started to look to their own NEXT models, looking for a way to improve them so they could keep it up with their rival's newer models, such as the Y11-LATONA and TYPE-LAHIRE.

While the EKHAZAR model was designed to be the company's new flagship, breaking the somewhat tradicion of the company to produce many ground-based models and trying to especialyze itself as an air combat-NEXT, the DUSKAROR is a model that holds the company's tradicional design doctrine: Fast, high-ground mobility NEXT, geared towards agressive close-range combat. This way, as Algebra try to atualize themselves with one model, they also played safe, producing the DUSKAROR model, completing the old Eqbal's firmly believed doctrine of combined force assault, as the two NEXTs would be able to complement each other in the battlefield.

The DUSKAROR is a radical design for one simple reason: It does not use the standard biped leg design that the company used in every single design so far, but instead uses a quadruped leg, a type of leg that, so far, was relayed upon heavy, support-geared NEXT models only, such as BFF's 061AN.

Indeed, instead of using a well-around, multi-purpose biped leg, Algebra decided for a type of leg specify for ground-combat, further specializing their new model. While lacking any serious air-combat capacity, the model possess superior ground-combat capacity, with high ground combat mobility and stunning turning abiliy that is meant to render it untargetable by enemies.

With the intencion of reducing dependence on parts manufactured by other companies and costs, this model uses basicaly the same parts of it's older brother, the EKHAZAR, with the exception of the legs and the main booster, bothvthought for ground-based combat only, rederin unrivaled agility.

Since the model followed the company's tradicional doctrine for close-range combat, there was little need for the developement of new weapons. Instead, an ACACIA assalt rifle and MBURUCYA shotgun where equiped in the unit, together with a brand-new KAMAL, a back-mounted slug weapon built for ground-combat in mind. Finally, OMER's RDF-O700 back radar rounds-up the model, providing a much needed way for the LYNX to keep track of it's target during high-speed combat.

Like it's older brother and all Algebra's designs, the unit suffers with an low overall defense. The legs, while having top-notch ground speed and turnig capacibility, are the most energy consuming part produced by any other company, leaving the unit with about the same flight ability as Rayleonard's 03 model, while rendering the use o energy-based weapon on this model praticaly impossible, as it's generator was designed for solid-shell warfare only. While the EKHAZAR does have close and mid-range combat ability, the DUSKAROR lacks anyway of dealing damage apart from close range.

If pessimis surrounds the EKHAZAR model as if it will sucessufly return Algebra to it's better days, the DUSKAROR model shows that the company is far from being cast in mediocrity.

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