Cypress - Emblem
General information
Japanese Nameサイプレス
Romaji NameSaipuresu
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationGlobal Cortex
The Controller
Later Unranked
CraftAC Shade
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 3
Silent Line: Armored Core
EncounteredData Retrieval
Extra Arena

Cypress is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3 and later in Silent Line: Armored Core. He was ranked B-7 in the Arena during Armored Core 3. In the Extra Arena of Armored Core 3 he is partnered with Huntress and they hold the title of the sixth ranked team.


Through the events of Armored Core 3, Cypress served as a Raven who supported The Controller. During the events of Silent Line: Armored Core, he continued as an Irregular Raven (no longer affiliated with Global Cortex) and worked with Crest to retrieve information from The Controller's core in the mission Data Retrieval. He worked alongside Ori and Gold Bit and ended up fighting against The Raven, who was hired by Mirage. Despite numerical superiority, he alongside Ori and Gold Bit were defeated.


  • Data Retrieval
    • Roger that, proceeding as planned.
    • Moon Salt down. Engaging the target now.
    • Good timing Clover Knight, let's finish this! (when Gold Bit arrives)
    • Guahh....(if he is defeated before Gold Bit)
    • I'm finished...Recovery team...Pull back...(if he is defeated after Gold Bit)

AC ShadeEdit

AC Shade

AC Shade

Cypress uses a hover type Crest AC that specializes in shell damage. The unit is equipped with an overboost core, anti missile extensions, two identical chain guns on both back weapon slots, a high-heat round hand gun and a laser blade. His AC is composed of an amalgamation of Crest equipment, making it well-balanced and suited to a variety of combat styles. Due to the unit being equipped with OP-INTENSIFY it can fire blade waves and use both chain guns while moving.



In-Game InformationEdit

Steadfast in his belief that The Controller must be preserved, he pays his respect prior to every match. His AC is composed of an amalgamation of Crest equipment, making it well-balanced and suited to a variety of combat styles.


Since this guy is equipped with OP-INTENSIFY and hover legs, he is able to move a breakneck speed and evade your attacks easily. Besides this, he is known to use his chain guns while doing so, thus it is paramount that your AC has enough mobility to avoid his chain gun attacks and also be able to keep a lock-on him most of the time. After a while of using his chain guns, he will switch to his handgun, which has a deadly amount of stun effect and heat stress. It is also at this point where he will try and close in on you and attempt to land a blade hit, so watch out for this.

His AC, though fast, doesn't harbor enough durability to withstand a huge payload of punishment, so fast firing weapons like the 1000 round machine gun works well against him, given that he also likes to fight mid-to-close range. Other weapons like his own handguns or rifles work on him too. Missiles may not very effective as he is equipped with anti-missile extensions.

In the mission Data Retrieval, he is the 2nd AC to be fought after you have taken down Ori. In contrast to his fighting style in AC3, he plays it safe and keeps a distance from you whenever he fights, and has a higher tendency of going airborne than he did before. However, do note that his AC is not up to full health (he only has an estimated 5000 AP), so he is much easier to take down here than he was in 3. After he takes a certain amount of punishment (to the point that he's about to die), Gold Bit shows up and you can just finish him off before facing her (or if you manage to kill Cypress before Gold Bit shows up, you can focus on her entirely.)



The name Cypress refers to the name applied to many plants in the cypress family Cupressaceae, which is a conifer of northern temperate regions.

The name Shade refers to the blocking of sunlight.


  • Cypress is the first Raven to have appeared in more than one game (with the exception of Nine-Ball) and played a part in the story.
  • In the mission Data Retrieval, if you kill Gold Bit first after she arrives and then kill Cypress as the last, his line of dialogue will be different (i.e. he will say "I'm finished...Recovery team....pull back...").
  • One of the many few Ravens who make use purely of Crest parts on their ACs, besides Agraya and Genobee.