Middleweight Crest AC (AC3)

The Unnamed AC.

The Crest CR-C75U2 Close Combat AC is one of the four ACs in the Armored Core 3 CG intro.


The CR-C75U2 was seen with an Unnamed Lightweight Crest AC fighting helicopters and MTs in a damaged city. It then fights an Unnamed Lightweight Mirage AC. They have a short fight around the city where the Crest AC manages to dodge some missiles using Overboost before landing in a building. The Mirage AC arrives and uses its laser rifle before the laser rifle is destroyed by the Crest AC's machine gun. They then engage in a short laser blade duel before the the Crest AC defeats the Mirage AC with the machine gun fired at close range.

Approximate StatsEdit


  • AP: 8681
  • Total Firepower: 20896
  • Defensive Points: 3198
  • Stability: 2651 (3677 assuming Optional Parts)
  • Moving Ability: 809
  • Turning Speed: 110



  • Sir Fire of the VR Arena in Armored Core: Last Raven is a remake of the Unnamed Middleweight Crest AC.
  • The Unnamed Middleweight Crest AC is one of the ACs made into an Armored Core Model Kits.The Model Kit is named Crest CR-C75U2 Close Combat AC. The CR-C75U2 core is the Armored Core: Nexus remake of the CCM-00-STO core.


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