Cradles 7000 meters above the ground

Cradles are groups of massive airship-like colonies that appear in Armored Core: For Answer.


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A Cradle

Each airship in a Cradle is designed to hold a population of 20 million civilians at 7,000 meters above the ground.

The Cradles rely on two distinct sources of power. The primary power sources of the Cradles are ground-based power production facilities known as Arteria, which transmit power to the airships through microwaves. The secondary power sources are hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen for the Cradles is obtained from two sources: either from directly electrolyzing moisture in the atmosphere, or transporting it from ground sources. If the power to the Cradles from the Arteria facilities is cut, the airships are designed to glide back down the ground using their fuel cells as emergency power. However, if the engines are destroyed directly, then the cradles lose their ability to glide and come crashing back down.

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Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

During Armored Core: For Answer's campaign, the player is given the option to accept a mission from an ORCA LYNX named Old King to shoot down the five airships that compose Cradle 03. Conversely, the player can choose to accept an offer from The League to defend the Cradle.

In an earlier mission called "Take Back Cradle 21," the player uses the Cradle as a platform to wipe out the Liliana insurgents occupying it.

Armored Core: Verdict DayEdit

In Armored Core: Verdict Day a fallen cradle can be seen in mission #5-08, crashed on its side.

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