Confrontation is the eleventh mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 50000

Location: North Highland

Mission: Destroy Phantasma

Mission Place: "Nord" Highland

Mission Code Name: Chivalry

Start Time: 1500


We have determined that Stinger is behind the new Phantasma weapons
system. He has been seen hiding with some remaining Doomsday
Organization officials in The North Highland.

We're not sure what the purpose of Project Phantasms is, but in the
hands of Stinger, we are all in extreme danger.

Completely destroy all aspects of the Project Phantasma operation.




<Communication>: "We have arrived at the mission location. We will drop off the AC’s and then leave the area."

<Stinger>: "When will you cease to be an annoyance?"

<Stinger>: "I… I cannot believe I have been defeated. I killed him… I killed him."



  • Stinger pilots the Prototype Phantasma.
  • Stinger's last line indicates his progressive loss of his sanity at the frustration of being repeatedly defeated by The Raven.

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