General information
Current statusActive
Affiliation and corporate information
AffiliationThe League
Conflicts activeEconomic War
Real world information
UniverseAC4 Universe
First appearedArmored Core: For Answer
Appears inArmored Core: For Answer

Collared is an organization under the jurisdiction of the League. Formed during the sometime after the Lynx War, Collared is responsible for management and control of the Lynx. They manage all Collared ranking issues and organize Order Matches, and act as an intermediary between the Lynx and the League. They are the Lynx equivalent of Raven management organizations such as the Ravens' Nest and the Ravens' Ark.

Like the League, Collared has become a mere shell of what it was intended to be. Today, it is nothing more than a watering hole for mission agency brokers carrying out orders for corporations.

Lynx Roster (Rank, Lynx, Next, Affiliation) Edit

Rank LYNX NEXT Affiliation
1 Otsdarva Stasis Omer Science Technology
2 Lilium Wolcott Ambient Bernard and Felix Foundation
3 Wynne D Fanchon Reiterpallasch Interior Union
4 Roadie Feedback Global Armaments
5 Gerald Gendlin Noblesse Oblige Rosenthal
6 Stiletto Les Annees Folles Interior Union
7 Roy Saaland My Bliss None
8 Wong Shao-Lung Strix Quadruped Bernard and Felix Foundation
9 Anatolia's Mercenary White Glint Line Ark
10 Hari Krasnaya ORCA
11 Dario Empio Transcend Rosenthal
12 Risaia Ruler Omer Science Technology
13 Jan Blind Bold Aldra
14 Irbis Ornstein Moroz Algebra
15 Shamir RaviRavi Red Rum Algebra
16 Takafumi Arisawa Rai-Den Arisawa Heavy Industries
17 CUBE Fragile Aspina
18 May Greenfield Merrygate Global Armaments
19 Do Su Starka Technocrat
20 Ay-Pool Vero Nork Interior Union
21 Kamisori Johnny Double Edge None
22 Canis Savage Beast None (Ties with Rosenthal)
23 Francois-Neris Buccaneer None
24 Don Colonel Wonderful Body Global Armaments
25 Wis Scarlet Fox None
26 Yei Emerald Raccoon None
27 Patch the Good Luck No Count None
28 Dan Moro Celebrity Ash None (Ties with GA)
29 Mrs. Theresia Karyon TORUS
30 Champion Champs Killdozer None

Lynx Roster (NEXT Images)Edit

Rank 01 Rank 02 Rank 03
NEXT Stasis2
ACFA lilium wolcott
Lilium Wolcott
ACFA wynne d fanchon
Wynne D. Fanchon
Rank 04 Rank 05 Rank 06
ACFA roadie
ACFA gerald gendlin
Gerald Gendlin
NEXT Les Annees Folles2
Rank 07 Rank 08 Rank 09
ACFA roy saaland
Roy Saaland
NEXT Strix Quadruped2
Wong Shao Lung
Intro white glint
Anatolia's Mercenary
Rank 10 Rank 11 Rank 12
NEXT Krasnaya
NEXT Transcend
Dario Empio
NEXT Ruler
Rank 13 Rank 14 Rank 15
ACFA jan
ACFA irbis ornstein
Irbis Ornstein
ACFA shamir RaviRavi
Shamir RaviRavi
Rank 16 Rank 17 Rank 18
ACFA takafumi arisawa
Takafumi Arisawa
May Greenfield
Rank 19 Rank 20 Rank 21
ACFA do su
Do Su
ACFA ay-pool
ACFA kamisori johny
Kamisori Johnny
Rank 22 Rank 23 Rank 24
ACFA canis
ACFA francois-neris
ACFA don colonel
Don Colonel
Rank 25 Rank 26 Rank 27
ACFA wis
ACFA yei
ACFA patch the good luck
Patch the Good Luck
Rank 28 Rank 29 Rank 30
ACFA dan moro
Dan Moro
ACFA mrs theresia
Mrs. Theresia
Champion Champs