Chain Impact - Emblem
Chain Impact
General information
Japanese Nameチェーンインパクト
Romaji NameChēn'inpakuto
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationGlobal Cortex
CraftAC Valiant
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 3
EncounteredDestroy the AC
Extra Arena

Chain Impact is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is ranked D-12 in the Arena. He is partnered with Bilbo in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the twenty-first highest ranked team.


Chain Impact was the Raven who had been hired to steal a Mirage prototype chipset. Dropping down to the transport tunnels of Falna Research Laboratory, it is here where he confronted The Raven. After an intense battle, he was defeated. With his death, the Mirage prototype chipset was most likely destroyed.


  • Destroy the AC
    • Weaklings...
    • Finally, a worthy opponent!
    • (If Defeated)Noo...!

AC ValiantEdit

AC Valiant

AC Valiant

Valiant is a lightweight quadruped AC equipped with an overboost core, back mounted dual chain guns and machine gun weapon arms. The unit is built for continuous close to mid range combat. It is quick on its feet but is one of the most lightly armored ACs in the arena.



Chain Impact is the target of the mission Destroy the AC. Having stolen a prototype Mirage chipset, he is defeated by The Raven who was hired by Mirage.

In-Game InformationEdit

A stickler in his ways, he equips only high-speed, solid shell weapons. There is nothing fancy with regard to his combat style, but if he is able to draw and hold a bead on an opponent, they're in trouble.


Chain Impact's strategy consists of moving quickly while firing his machine guns. There is little else to speak of other than that he will occasionally take to the air. Keep moving and avoid the machine gun fire. That's all there is to it. Staying in one spot for any real length of time will result in a quick loss.

In Extra Arena, he is partnered with Bilbo, who uses exclusively energy weapons to counteract his exclusively shell-based weapons. While this may seem smart at first it really only means that you'll have to destroy the one who's weapons your weak to. It is best recommended to go with shell defense since Chain Impact is going to be hitting you regardless while Bilbo's Plasma Cannon shots can be dodged with ease.



The name Valiant has come to represent someone possessing or showing courage or determination.