Cavern Invasion is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: -

Reward: 0

Theater of operations: SE Isaac City Cavern

Enemy forces: AC x1, MTs (unknown number)

Objective: Destroy AC and escape

Mission Area: Wasteland

Mission Scene: Cavern

Safety Level: 81


Rumor has it, that a group of enemies have infiltrated the Cavern in the SE sector of the city.

According to our information, the Cavern is being used by a company to store important minerals. We think the enemy forces that entered the Cavern are after these minerals.

The target is a Raven AC hired as an escort. Ignore all other enemies. Seek out and destroy the AC, then escape.



[Lana Nielsen]: "Enemy AC detected...Its Evil Kiss, a member of the Sub-Arena. He is a heavy, humanoid-legged type AC equipped with a missile launcher. It’s going to be a long fight. Keep an eye on your ammo."

[Lana Nielsen]: "AC destruction verified. Evacuate immediately!"



  • In the first room, look straight up and fly through the hole, then follow the path and go left in the room with the six gun batteries the hidden part (WX-ED2) lies on the ground in the opposite corner of the room.

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