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CraftAC Raging Torrent
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AppearancesArmored Core Last Raven

Caspian/Goldie Golden is a Raven in Ravens' Ark in Nexus and working for Alliance in Armored Core: Last Raven. He is ranked 15th in the Armored Core: Nexus Arena


Was a Raven in Ravens' Ark until it fell during the Attack of the Unmanned Suicide Weapons. Later, he becomes an important member of Alliance's Tactical Unit, and is considered one of their most highly regarded pilots. He works for Alliance because he likes the pay. However, he is considered overrated as most of his victories stem from factors other than his own skill.

AC Raging Torrent Edit

AC Raging Torrent IV

AC Raging Torrent IV

Through the course of Armored Core: Nexus, Caspian/Goldie Golden alters his craft 2 times to perfect the design and the final version is seen in Last Raven. The unit is consistently a gold and purple machine.

Raging TorrentEdit

The first model seen in Armored Core Nexus, it is a two legged heavy AC focused on high defense and is armed with a waved blade, rocket launcher and various other weapons. It has low ammunition, but that is compensated by the pilots good aiming skills.

Raging Torrent IIEdit

The second model, Raging Torrent II is an odd amalgamation of parts. While retaining the iconic headpiece, it now uses a lighter core and a hover type legs, giving it better mobility. For weapons, it has a parry blade and burst missiles. Its lower defense stats are made up with a physical shield. The parts were chosen for their special effects and to keep opponents off balance.

Raging Torrent IIIEdit

Variation of previous designs that proved to be flawed. This time around the pilot opted to go with a more standard and balanced part loadout. Now a middleweight two legged AC, Raging Torrent III uses a powerful energy sniper rifle as well as a wave blade and back mounted orbital cannons. Defense is increased by shoulder mounted energy shields.

Raging Torrent IVEdit

Heavyweight, two-leg model possessing superior defense stats. The pilot varies his attack strategies by using both EO and orbit cannon weapons. Raging Torrent IV features the same parts of the original Raging Torrent, albeit different weapons.


Raging Torrent

Raging Torrent II

Raging Torrent III

Raging Torrent IV

As a slow heavy weight without AMS, IV is very vulnerable to missile barrages. At longer ranges, he'll typically attack with orbit pods which are annoying and can deal some good damage if you don't get out of their way as they fire. You must be fast in order to evade the orbit cannons. His Core EO and SHADE2 are a deadly combination but as long as you keep pouring on missiles, he'll fall easily. He doesn't move around too much; also of note, his AC will heat up quickly with the correct weapons (namely micromissiles + FUNI extensions) so causing him to redzone is viable in open areas.

Blowing him to kingdom come with a tank is also easy to do. During the mission he's encountered, Destroy Raging Torrent IV, he is escorted by two OWL MTs who provide considerable support as well as constantly disrupting lock on. The best thing to do is to equip a tank with the DRONE, SELENA and SIREN3 and two KRSWs; be sure to have high VS ECM or this mission will frustrate you a lot. Destroy the OWL's first and then just start to pound him with the rifles and EO, he'll fall in no time.

Another strategy is to use the same head and radar on a medium weight and use a missile launcher and a plasma rifle. The plasma rifle will crack the OWLs easily and then turn the missiles and the remaining shots in the rifle on Caspian.


Raging Torrent

Raging Torrent II

Raging Torrent III

Raging Torrent IV



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