Caller - Emblem
General information
Japanese Nameコルレット
Romaji NameKoruretto
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationGlobal Cortex
CraftAC Harlequin
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 3
Extra Arena

Caller is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is ranked B-3 in the Arena. In the Extra Arena he is partnered with Comeback and they hold the title of the fifth ranked team.

AC HarlequinEdit

AC Harlequin

AC Harlequin

Harlequin is a four-legged middleweight AC equipped with an overboost core, variable firing rate machine gun weapon arms, solid anti missile extensions, and two identical laser cannons mounted on the back. Due to the unit being equipped with OP-INTENSIFY it can fire the back mounted laser cannons while moving.



In-Game InformationEdit

He thrives on delivering a dramatic coup de grace at the end of each match and views AC combat as an intricate and deadly art form. He is most content when both opponents fight at 100% and the battle takes on a life of its own.


Caller is at his most vulnerable when using the laser cannons, which are easy to dodge. As long as you don't eat every bullet from his weapon arms, you should be able to walk away as the winner.



The name Caller may refer to a person who prompts dance figures in such dances as line dance, square dance, and contra dance.

The name Harlequin refers to the most popularly known of the zanni or comic servant characters from the Italian Commedia dell'arte. It was introduced by the successful Italian actor Tristano Martinelli in the 1580s, and it became a stock character after Tristano's death in 1630. The Harlequin is characterized by his chequered costume. His role is that of a light-hearted, nimble and astute servant, often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest, Colombina, with wit and resourcefulness, often competing with the sterner and melancholic Pierrot. He later develops into a prototype of the romantic hero.