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The CR-YH85SR is a Head part that first appeared in Armored Core: Nexus and later in both Armored Core: Nine Breaker and Armored Core: Last Raven.



Part DescriptionEdit

Multi-purpose design sporting a variety of built-in functions.

Part StatisticsEdit

  • Part Type: Head
  • Manufacturer: Crest
  • Price: 64,800c
  • Weight: 315
  • Energy Drain: 383
  • Armor Points: 924
  • Def Shell: 190
  • Def Energy: 188
  • Cooling: 285
  • Stability: 389
  • Computer Type: Special
  • Auto-Map: Provided
  • Night Vision: Provided
  • Bio Sensor: Provided
  • Vs. ECM: 390
  • Radar Function: Provided
  • Radar Range: 340
  • Scanning Interval: 36
  • Missile Sensor: None
  • Bio-Sensor: None


This part can be unlocked during the mission Destroy Resistance Group. To unlock the part, destroy AC Sledge Hammer within 30 seconds.



The head part looks identical to the HD-REDEYE from the original Armored Core.

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