The CR-YF02H2 is an FCS part that exclusively appeared in Armored Core: Last Raven Portable.


Part Description & Statistics Edit

High-speed horizontal lock type for close-range use.

  • Part Type: FCS
  • Manufacturer: Crest
  • Weight: 37
  • Energy Drain: 66
  • VS ECM: 306
  • Lock Type: Sideway
  • Targeting: Multi
  • Maximum Lock: 12
  • Lock Time: 90
  • Missile Lock Time: 156
  • Max. Capture: 11 : 19
  • Avg. Capture: 9 : 16
  • Max. Lock Range: 440
  • Avg. Lock Range: 397
  • Parallel Sight: 76

Acquisition Edit

This part is obtained by defeating -1 in the VR Arena.

Trivia Edit

This part is a replica of the LODD-QHT from Armored Core 2.

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