The CR-WR81B2 is a right arm unit part that appeared in Armored Core: Nexus and later in both Armored Core: Nine Breaker and Armored Core: Last Raven.


Part Description Edit

Modified WR76B. Improved attack power and heat.

Part Statistics Edit

  • Part Type: Right Arm Weapon
  • Manufacturer: Crest
  • Type: Bazooka
  • Price: 71,000c
  • Weight: 945
  • Energy Drain: 58
  • Ammo Type: Solid
  • Weapon Lock: Special
  • Attack Power / Ammo: 2,240 / 20
  • Attack Heat: 7,855
  • Range: 435
  • Maximum Lock: 1
  • Firing Interval: 93
  • Ammo Price: 315

Acquisition Edit

This part can be purchased from the shop for 71,000c.

In Last Raven, this part is obtained by getting an S rank on the mission Launch Preemptive Strike.