The CR-MT-85M is an MT that first appears in Armored Core: Nexus.




Created by Crest Industries, the CR-MT85M is a heavyweight high-end Muscle Tracer created for combat purpose. Its armaments consists of a machine gun, pulse cannon, as well as a laser blade, making it very well armed for an MT. It is quite durable and capable of taking a great deal of punishment.

Despite its bulky appearance, it is quite fast and is capable of very quick horizontal movement for extended periods of time (most notably in Retake Distribution Center). Its combat preferences focus around using its machine gun for close range and switching to its pulse cannon for mid to long.

In Nexus, the 85M is shown also to be the only MT with melee capability with its laser blade using the same diagonal sweep as an AC. The laser blade is discontinued in Last Raven for unknown reason.

For all its advantages, the 85M also sports some glaring weaknesses. Because of its general size and bulk, it is very slow to turn around. Its machine gun, while fairly accurate is rather weak and has a very low projectile velocity. A key disadvantage is its horrible stability in regards to taking fire. Even the most basic and weak weapons such as handguns will temporarily stop the 85M from being able to use its weapon, no matter how weak the attack was; for example, using the orbit weapons against this MT will leave it almost completely vulnerable as each attack prevents it from recovering from the intial stun until it is destroyed.


CR-MT85M's (left and back) fighting alongside a 85B



You have a little more room for error than the other models in the 85 line due the M's weaker weapons. Still they are surprisingly durable but immobile making them blade fodder.


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