One of the biggest pains of the game, the 07LM is equipped with two large missile pods and a machine gun. The
machine gun is of little concern as the large missiles act just like their AC counterparts and can easily catch you off guard. When you see one of these or know one's operating, expect these missiles to start coming after you. Do everything you can to dodge these...


  • Dual Large Missile Pods
  • Machine Gun


These MTs aren't that fast so you can easily find them and kill them. What makes them such a pain is the fact that their large missiles are, well large missiles. Anyone who's encountered these missiles know how problematic they are. These missiles have near perfect tracking and thus will follow you about anywhere. It's probably one of the most menacing things to see one of these things continue to follow you. They will run out of fuel eventually but this unlikely, the best tactic is try to get it to hit another object, hopefully when you're not around. AMS does work against these sometimes along with decoys. Other than dealing with the large missiles, these MTs are cake.

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