Buppa Zu Gan - Emblem
Buppa Zu Gan
General information
Affiliation and military information
CraftNEXT Big Barrel
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: For Answer
EncounteredDefeat Unknown NEXT+No Count

Buppa Zu Gan is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #11 among ORCA Lynxes.

In-Game BiographyEdit

Piloting a unique four-legged craft and calling himself the "Hunter," he prefers sniping from long distances. The big barreled Kojima cannon slung over his right shoulder can easily take out a lightweight NEXT in a single blast.


He is encountered as an enemy during the mission Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count. From the mission's dialogue, it becomes clear that PQ feels like Buppa Zu Gan gets in his way. He is the ORCA Lynx who hired Patch the Good Luck.

NEXT Big BarrelEdit

ACFA buppa zu gan

NEXT Big Barrel

His NEXT, Big Barrel, is a quadrupedal-type craft with a large Kojima Cannon on its right shoulder. It is also equipped with multiple missile launchers and sniper cannon for medium to long range.


When fighting him in the mission, take care of No Count first. This will make the battle much easier. Due to his choice of weaponry, his ammunition stores are quite small, meaning you can evade until he's out of ammo, and then close in for the kill.

In Order Matches, it's best to just go at him head on. He's not much of a threat to your NEXT, but be careful of that Cannon. One hit can severely damage, and even destroy, your NEXT. As such, stay at medium range when fighting him.

NOTE: when encountering him in the mission, there is a chance that NC will give up once BZG has been defeated. Simply put: defeat Buppa and NC will go down too (just don´t start shooting at NC when hes is begging for his life or he will start to shoot back shouting that you can´t be serious and that it must all be a bad dream).


NEXT Big Barrel

NEXT Big Barrel


  • Oddly, Buppa Zu Gan does not speak during the entire Mission Dialog. Even with Patch the Good Luck reminding him not to cause him trouble, or PQ persistently asking him to stay out of his way.