Board Spaceship is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: PROGTECH

Reward: 42000

Theater of operations: Derelict Spaceship

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Locate Research Team

Mission Area: Wasteland

Mission Scene: Derelict Spaceship

Safety Level: 07


A rather strange mission request has just been received. It entails the investigation of a recently discovered Derelict Spaceship.

It isn't known when the Spaceship was built, but it was probably sometime before The Great Destruction.

Many technologies were lost in The Great Destruction, so any materials or information found dating prior to this event are extremely valuable.

PROGTECH sent a Research Team to investigate the Spaceship, but three days have gone by without any contact. There must be trouble aboard.

Your goal is to locate the Research Team. Remember, nothing is known about the Spaceship,
so excercise extreme caution.




[Lana Nielsen]: "It looks like the ship came to rest vertically. Watch your footing as you advance."

[Lana Nielsen]: "AC pilot verified as William ranked 15th in the Arena. He has powerful weapons in his arsenal. Attack him at once!"

[Communication]: "Are you one of us? Thanks for your help... I didn’t think I was gonna make it. Our enemies here are probably an investigation team from a corporate competitor. Let’s leave now!"


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