A NEXT model kit equipped with Bazookas

Bazookas are a weapon type seen in all Armored Core games.


The bazooka is a large projectile rifle possessing high damage and great stopping power; they are the perfect weapon for stationary or sluggish targets. These traits however are offset by slow muzzle velocities, slow reload times, overall heavy weight, and small ammo loads. They are the favourites of heavy AC's and some agressive pilots, and exist in multiple types. They have no real back weapon equivalents. They are in essence rockets but with lock on capability.

In Armored Core 4 and onwards, the Bazooka becomes distinct from rockets, instead showing the characteristics of a rifle but with a much slower projectile velocity and large projectile size.

In Armored Core V Universe, the bazooka equivalent is the Battle Rifle.


Bazooka - The most common form of bazooka, they fire a single slow, high damage round that has high stun.
Spread Bazooka - This form of bazooka fire's multiple rounds at once like a shotgun. These generally have lower ammo capacity than standard bazooka's.
Laser Bazooka - Not exactly an actual form of a bazooka, but the ER-O705 laser rifle used by Otsdarva and Thermidor is special in that it has a slower projectile speed but a higher attack power, just like how a bazooka is compared to a standard rifle.

Notable UsersEdit

  • Boss Savage, AC1 Nexus - A merciless yet flashy Raven, he uses a fairly standard heavy weight AC.
  • BB, AC3 - A former Ninebreaker, this Raven uses a spread bazooka and is extremely aggressive.
  • Shatter, Silent Line - This revenge set Raven uses a aggressive light-wieght design in his quest to kill Zero for slaughtering his family.
  • Roadie, AC4 & ACFA - An Original working for GA America, his NEXT uses bazooka weapon arms.
  • Don Colonel, ACFA - Ex Normal pilot working for GA America, his NEXT is equipped with a spread bazooka.

List of Bazooka'sEdit

Armored Core 2Edit


  • Contrary to real-life Bazookas which the user must hold the weapon in their shoulder, all Bazookas in Armored Core games used by an AC are Arm Weapons. Certain MT's mount a bazooka in the real-life fashion.
  • In the Italian version of Armored Core: Verdict Day, the Battle Rifles are translated as Assault Rifles instead.

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