Battleship 2
Classification: Ship
Designer: BFF
  • Long Range Cannons
  • Spread Missile Launchers
  • Machine Guns

The 047ST1260, commonly referred to as the Battleship, is an uncommon naval enemy encountered in Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.


Battleships are seldom encounterd compared to smaller warships, although they are significantly more powerful. They carry impressive firepower for their classification, including a trio of large naval gun-turrets, mounted two forward and one rear, as well as two large spread missile arrays mounted on the trimeran-like pods on either side of the ship. Their powerful long-range weaponry makes them a significant threat to a lesser-skilled NEXT pilot, often able to stun them with the impact of their cannon fire. Despite their firepower, Battleships are armored only slightly better than Normals, and can typically be destroyed by several hits from most laser blades and grenade cannons.

These ships were operated exclusively by the Bernard and Felix Foundation until their absorption into the GA Group, at which point GA America gained access to these ships as well. The Interior Union also had access to at least one BFF Battleship during Armored Core: For Answer, although it was destroyed during the raid on the Mimir Naval Port.

By the time of Armored Core: For Answer, the Battleships encountered appear to be much more lightly armed, only carrying two naval gun turrets and lacking the numerous machine guns that the Armored Core 4 variants possessed.


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