Battle Challenge

Zinaida in the Cutscene.

Battle Challenge is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.

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  • Operation Area: Camp Fortherd
  • Objective: Destroy AC Fascinator
  • Reward: 0c


"I've been hearing a lot of good things about you."

"It's time you and I squared off."

"Death comes to us all Raven: don't let something so trivial dissuade you from accepting my challenge."

"Don't you think it's preferable to face one of your own rather than run errands like some corporate lackey?"

"I await your decision."


There are two ways of doing this: the "normal" way and the "smart" way. The Normal way helping Zinaida fight the helicopters and MTs and after a while, they'll stop coming. The Smart way is to hide in the central building, conserving your ammo and AP for the boss fight. Zinaida is more than capable of defeating these enemies. Once Shade and two MT's show up, Zinaida will leave, and Shade will attack you.


Shade pilots a Tank AC equipped with a Bazooka, Shotgun, Light Grenade Launcher and a Missile Launcher. He does boost a bit but he's a tank by nature. You can go either toe to toe (the LX and KARASAWA (or KSRW) makes this fight fun) or use his tank design against him. Don't dilly dally around as his attacks are devastating. His support MTs are more annoying than anything but if you've taken signifigant damage, they could kill you. Once they're destroyed, the mission ends.


Armored Core Last Raven - Battle Challenge05:34

Armored Core Last Raven - Battle Challenge

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