Barutazaru Emblem
General information
Japanese Nameバルタザール
Romaji NameBarutazāru
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationRavens' Nest
CraftAC Fefnir
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core
EncounteredAC Battle
"With your skill, one-on-one isn't a fair fight. So we have evened things up with a bit of a handicap. Now let's start."
— Barutazaru in AC Battle

Barutazaru is a Raven appearing in Armored Core. He is ranked 3rd in the Rankings and is one of the most successful Ravens in terms of mission success rates and enemies destroyed. He is not above taking an unfair advantage to secure his victory.


Bartuazaru was one of the leaders in the Ravens' Nest rankings. He fought against The Raven within the Arena and lost despite having the assistance of Warhawk, an Irregular pilot.


  • AC Battle
    • With your skill, one-on-one isn't a fair fight. So we have evened things up with a bit of a handicap. Now let's start.

AC FefnirEdit


AC Fefnir

Fefnir is a heavyweight four-legged AC equipped with a small missile launcher, linear gun, hand gun, and laser blade.




Barutazaru appears as an enemy during the mission AC Battle.

In-Game InformationEdit

Ranks among the top Ravens in mission success rate and targets destroyed in battle. A true ace.



The name Balthazar (coming from Barutazaru) means "Baal protects the King" and is one of the names commonly attributed to one of the Three Wise Men who was an Arabian scholar.

The name Fafnir (coming from Fefnir) comes from Norse mythology. Fafnir was the son of a dwarf king Hreidmar. He was a dwarf with a powerful arm and fearless soul. Upon being afflicted by Andvari's cursed ring and gold, Fafnir transformed into a dragon. He was slain at a later date by Sigurd.


  • Barutazaru is a translation from Japanese name meant to say "Balthazar", one of the three Biblical Magi.
  • While Barutazaru's gender is never directly indicated by the game, the voice actor is male suggesting that he is male.