Urban center 2

Attacking urban center

Attack Urban Center is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: Based on results

Theater of operations: Gal City Office District

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: 3 minutes of destruction


We want you to wreak havoc on Gal City. The job is simple. Jest attack
the urban area and fire at will at any attractive target.

If one finds oneself in danger, one who does not have the power to
resist must depend on someone else. If you have the power, come to us
at Chrome.

You have 3 minutes for tactical operations. Staying any longer is
useless. If you stay too long, we don't know what sort of trouble will

Your pay will be determined based on the results. Simply put, the more
you destroy the higher you pay. Good luck.



  • Cars (+200)
  • Traffic Signs (+400)
  • Street Lamps (+400)
  • Generators (+500)
  • Air vents (+500)
  • Monorails (+1000)
  • Gal City Guards (+700)
  • Losvaize (+3500)


Radio: "You in that AC! Surrender immediately! If you resist, we will attack without mercy!"


This mission is fairly simple. The player is required to destroy as much as they can in Murakumo territory. The player must annihilate what ever destroyable item such as cars and street lamps in order to gain more pay. During the first minute there are no enemy forces, allowing players to safely cause as much damage as possible. Further into the mission newer targets in the form of security MTs appear to halt the Ravens progress. The player will also have to battle ranker raven Losvaize and AC Valkyrie who are sent to eliminate the raven. The player can either survive for the remainder against her or destroy the raven and gain a special addition.

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