Attack Mirage Forces is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Attack Mirage Forces

Two Sukutamu units preparing to attack The Raven on Avalon Hill.


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 0

Upon success: 25000

Operation Area: Avalon Hill

Enemy Forces: MTs, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

Operation Code: Ladybug

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Avalon Hill

Start Time: 07:30

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 44%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


A long-term campaign aimed at manipulating Mirage is about to payoff. They're sending forces directly into the trap we've laid for them at Avalon Hill.

The terrain around Avalon Hill is wide open and offers little cover. A maneuverable AC capable of enduring prolonged combat is required.

This is a prime opportunity to catch Mirage unaware and deal a decisive blow.

Given the number of units they've dispatched to the area, a supply vehicle will be on hand to restock your weapon stored as needed.



Laine Meyers:We’ve arrived at the combat area...deploying AC.

Laine Meyers:Kisaragi has provided a supply vehicle. Take advantage of it if necessary.

Supply Vehicle:Checking weapons. Resupply complete.

Laine Meyers:Destruction of all enemy targets confirmed. Good work, Raven.


Funds: 9000c

  • Squad 1 - 5000c
  • Squad 2 - 5000c
  • Huntress - 6000c
  • Apple Boy - 8000c
  • Fragile - 9000c
  • Regina - 9000c
  • Supply Vehicle (not a consort, but replenishes the player's AP and Ammunition)

Note: Huntress is an MT pilot in this mission. AppleBoy is using a custom colored starter AC in this mission



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