Aspina Logo
General information
Current statusUnknown
Affiliation and corporate information
AffiliationOmer Science Technology
SpecialtyAMS Technology
Notable employeesCUBE
Hari (Former)
Joshua O'Brien
Owned locationsAspina
ConflictsLynx War
Real world information
UniverseAC4 Universe
First appearedArmored Core 4
Appears inArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer

Aspina is a NEXT technology research institution heavily affiliated with Omer Science Technology.


An independent colony, as well as a research institution, Aspina was one of the first to use the AMS technology. During the Lynx War, the AMS allowed their test subject, Joshua O'Brien, to enter battle with heightened battle abilities, giving them many military victories. Since then, Aspina has registered their former test subjects as official Lynx, and has adopted a policy to utilize them in actual battle. They would continue to produce skilled Lynx such as CUBE, Hari and Julius Emery.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)Edit

Armored Core 4

Armored Core: For Answer


NEXT Schematics Utilizing Aspina PartsEdit



  • Aspina has the least amount of Schematics using their parts as well as the least number of parts built.


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