"Dream and hope as they might, the NEXT pilots know that those who dare take on giants rarely live to tell the tale."
— The narrator.

Arms Forts are huge war machines that appear in Armored Core: For Answer.


Arms Forts (AFs for short) were created by The League during the years following the National Dismantlement War in attempt to find a reliable military source in order to maintain control. They are the successors to the Mobile Fortress' seen in Armored Core 4. Fearing the independence and strength of the now abundant NEXTS might one day be their end, the League built Arms Forts as a means to counter them. Crewed by thousands of expendable soldiers, Arms Forts were massively scaled up weapons that the League could control, and therefore trust. Possessing firepower far and away surpassing that of a NEXT, they have become the perfect solution to the League's needs. Because of the expense of building these behemoths, not all Arms Forts are mass produced.

List of Arms FortsEdit



A marine-type Arms Fort from Interior Union, armed with massive scale laser blades and missiles, the Stigro is the fastest of all Arms Forts, but largely based in water. While primarily designed for obliterating enemy naval fleets, it is also slightly capable of facing NEXTs in single combat with its extreme speed that surpasses most NEXTs even in Overboost, and difficult to avoid missile salvos.

It is mentioned that the Stigro is AI controlled, which accounts for it's superb accuracy but limited tactical flexibility. This may be that the G forces present from it's constant Overed boost that prevent human pilots and crew from being able to function properly onboard.

Spirit of MotherwillEdit


A huge walking exapod Arms Fort created by the Bernard and Felix Foundation. Designed like a gargantuan aircraft carrier with legs and bristling with several homing missile launchers, machineguns, long-ranged cannons, and many Normal units, Motherwill is in itself a walking fortress. Heavy armor made this AF indestructible from the outside; however, the design of the structure is fundamentally flawed. When the main gun batteries, missile silos, and defensive guns in the midsection are destroyed, it causes uncontrollable internal fire to the structure. Enough destruction of these devices may cause the main reactor cooling system to fail or ignite the main gun battery ammunition stowage, effectively destroying the AF.

Its partially-rebuilt wreckage appears in Armored Core: Verdict Day as an optional boss. Although it lacks its large caliber cannons in this iteration, its missiles are operational and it possess numerous short-range plasma cannons.


A large, tower-like, Algebra transport and support AF with a shredder-like apparatus attached to the front and several combined missile launchers and machine guns on a large platform right behind the apparatus. All around defense made this AF totally indestructible except against Arms Fort grade firepower, such as the Giga Base. However, being so focused on defense it lacks any serious firepower for an AF. Furthermore, the steel plated 'skirt' that protects its treads must open up to adjust to the uneven surface while traveling, leaving the treads temporarily vulnerable. The four horizantal "towers" of the upper-half of the fort contain dozens of triangular assault drones, each equiped with a shotgun style energy weapon, which launch from the towers after the tracks bellow the skirt armor have been disabled. Briefing materials indicate that multiple Cabracan-like Arms Forts exist as 'Charge Type Arms Forts'.

Land CrabEdit

Arms Forts utilized by GA and Interior Union; GA Land Crabs are equipped with High Caliber Cannons, whereas the Interior Land Crabs are equipped with very accurate Strafing Lasers (both of these designs are also equipped with six missile launchers mounted on the sides below and between the main weapons). Using treads mounted on "legs" with similarities to those of a crab, this particular AF is fast for its size. They serve both as mobile fortresses providing heavy firepower and carrier units, capable of deploying small groups of Normals. Their main weakness lies in their thinly armored underside. This AF is mass-produced.


Omer Science's Arms Forts, flight capable and equipped with a High Intensity (HI) laser cannon that rotates a full 360 degrees around the craft, as well as a vertical-launch missile system that fires downwards. Unlike other Arms Forts, the Eclipse has very light armor, and therefore relies on its speed and maneuverbility to avoid damage. Its laser cannon is also shown to have a triple shot mode. Omer has numerous Eclipses at their disposal.



Produced by Omer and Interior, Answerer is a floating Arms Fort armed with the latest in Kojima technology, including Kojima beams, Kojima missiles, and Assault Armor (can sometimes be disabled by destroying the "spikes" hanging down from the ball-like lower core section), as well as conventional technology, such as missiles and HI lasers. Its main defense is its super Primal Armor, which renders most NEXT grade weaponry ineffective with the exception of blades and a few other weapons, and also makes it impervious to long range attack. Heavy armor is used to protect its core; however, to reduce its weight this AF only uses standard armor for its outer shell. In the hard difficulty, it's very presence can wear down the Primal Armor of an NEXT due to high Kojima particle output.

Sol Dios OrbitEdit

A modified Land Crab Arms Fort deployed by TORUS with several Sol Dios Cannons that are capable of operating independently from the main unit in a manner like Orbit weaponry. The Sol Dios Cannons take a while to engage, potentially allowing a fast moving NEXT to destroy both the Arms Fort and the cannons before they can become active (only possible in hard mode). They are shown to also have Assault Armor as well as an amazing ability to fire in every possible direction (backwards included).

Great WallEdit

Global Armament's greatest Arms Fort, it is best described as a several mile long giant train equipped with long range ballistics in the form of huge gatling cannons and heavy missile ordinance. Internally, it boasts a large carrying capacity for normals and possible production capabilities. It also boasts an impressive speed for an Arms Fort, rivalled only by the Land Crab and surpassed by Stigro, both if which it is noticably many times more powerful, making it an all around amazing weapon. Unlike most Arms Forts, Great Wall cannot be damaged by NEXT grade weaponry thanks to its thick armor; the only way to effectively destroy this Arms Fort is to attack its reactor. Many consider it the "greatest land-based weapon" ever built. Despite its armor, through a glitch it is possible to destroy it from outside using a grenade launcher and knowing the location of its reactor. There are trapezoidal platforms on the side. Jump onto the fifth from the front, look 45 degrees toward the front and down a little (the reactor is at height 150 on the altimeter). The Oigami grenade launcher can destroy the reactor from the outside in 1-2 hits that way.


ORCA's special, custom-made AF, the Jet is heavily armored on all sides, except for a single exposed exhaust vent on its upper half. It is armed with multiple energy blades easily capable of destroying a NEXT. Due to its small size and relatively low production costs, this AF was mass-produced. A smaller, far-less armored version of this AF exists, as seen in the mission "Defend Arteria Cranium (Hard)" where they can be located at the back of the facility in numbers.

Giga BaseEdit

The Giga Base is an amphibious Arms Fort armed with a very powerful, high-caliber main cannon (which in some missions is replaced with a large turret with two smaller cannons mounted on the sides), several smaller defense turrets, and missile launchers, making it a formidable long-range weapon. Being focused on long-range combat renders it defenseless against highly mobile units that can easily take advantage of its undefended undersides. Indeed, the small dock for ships inside of it can only be fired on with missiles, which usually hit the sides before they are able to connect, if they can gain a lock on at all. This AF is also mass produced, and it makes several appearances in-game, both on land and water combat grounds. Mission briefings and various comments note that this AF is quite old, implying that it may have been the first true AF produced.