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Armored Core is a video game series developed by FROM Software for the Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Playstaton 3, Xbox 360, and Mobilephone platforms. The games are based around designing and controlling a highly customizable mecha known as an Armored Core (AC), which is then taken on missions for rewards. Although the characteristics of Armored Cores change dramatically throughout the series, the emphasis on adaptability and piloting skill remains constant. In the campaigns, the player is put into the role of The Raven, a silent protagonist who acts as a mercenary, taking contracts assigned by various individuals in return for payments. These missions may vary in their objectives, from mass destruction and AC-on-AC duels to protection and escort duties. Throughout it all, the Raven will be accompanied by an Operator who relays important information from outside the battlefield.

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Chief's emblem

" We have no allies... nor enemies! I love everyone!" - Chief

Chief was an ace pilot for The Corporation during the events of Armored Core V. Initially an ally, Chief soon becomes one of the most persistent enemies that The Raven faces. Although he presents a somewhat childish facade, he is sadistic and calculating, careful to keep his true motives hidden. Alongside his operator, Carol Dorry, the pair are the primary antagonists of Armored Core V and constantly test the Raven's mettle. Read More


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