Heads Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDPriceWeightEN DrainAPDef KEDef CEDef TEUnlockedNotes
UHD-10 Tristan 60000 Au1881150128592815 ---KE resistant type.
HD-223 Raiko 100000 Au24999813541481932 ---KE resistant type.
D/UHD-10 Free1901180120381513DefaultKE resistant type.
D/HD226 Free2241703803221028DefaultCE resistant type.
Beowulf HD103 100000 Au184172110013112511 ---CE resistant type.
Siegfried HD33 120000 Au381230213213820132 ---CE resistant type.
D/KT-2G3 Free251159819111115174DefaultTE resistant type.
UHD-15 Kurma 121000 Au402129836113050278 ---TE resistant type.
Achilleus HD225 60000 Au20216029972514315 ---CE resistant type.
HD-19 Chromeye 133000 Au308175438461313232 ---TE resistant type.
HD-21 Sealeye 136000 Au418210237514070301 ---TE resistant type.
Heracles HD226 84000 Au221154812382615519 ---CE resistant type.
KT-1G/Fuxi 130000 Au135184972811917 ---CE resistant type.
KT-2G2/Vassily 60000 Au225151223051317182 ---TE resistant type.
KT-2G3/Ilya 81000 Au262140327082121205 ---TE resistant type.
KT-2G5/Dobrynya 103000 Au243154822031518193 ---TE resistant type.
KT-4G3/Ruslan 117000 Au233169824031615209 ---TE resistant type.
Perseus HD225-2 82000 Au2131653904221129 ---CE resistant type.
Roland HD41 126000 Au323137715024527822 ---CE resistant type.
Rugerro HD35 125000 Au10514066483525 ---KE resistant type.
UHD-10/A Gawain 80000 Au222110014041311128 ---KE resistant type.
UHD-10/I Arthur 83000 Au1391198119685712 ---KE resistant type.
UHD-13 Galahad 117000 Au27281215081853143 ---KE resistant type.
UHD-22 Lancelot 108000 Au2111046251299821 ---KE resistant type.

Core Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainAPDef KEDef CEDef TEUnlockedNotes
D/UCR-10 Free722805APDefKEDefCEDefTEDefaultKE resistant type.
OSTARA CR113 76000 Au681699APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
UCR-10/I 82000 Au688762APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
JOTUN CR113-2 112000 Au803886APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
SURT CR114 125000 Au724688APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
WODAN CR110 128000 Au576678APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
UCR-10/A 133000 Au764854APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
UCR-10/L AGNI 105000 Au613711APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---KE resistant type.
D/CR210 Free10021003APDefKEDefCEDefTEDefaultCE resistant type.
ARES CR211 70000 Au881948APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---CE resistant type.
KT-303/YINGLONG 70000 Au1038891APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---CE resistant type.
ZEUS CR210 120000 Au961921APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---CE resistant type.
HERMES CR212 120000 Au7181082APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---CE resistant type.
KT-302 120000 Au1439881APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---CE resistant type.
KT-304/XIEZHI 120000 Au836848APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---CE resistant type.
D/KT-103 Free1253873APDefKEDefCEDefTEDefaultTE resistant type.
KT-103 80000 Au1158901APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.
UCR-25/A DURGA 74000 Au1362822APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.
KT-104/PERUN 120000 Au1098815APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.
KT-106/DAZHBOG 126000 Au1212846APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.
KT-105 123000 Au1328976APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.
UCR-25 110800 Au1636898APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.
UCR-25/D RATRI 130000 Au1307782APDefKEDefCEDefTE ---TE resistant type.

Arms Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDPriceWeightEN DrainAPDef KEDef CEDef TEUnlockedNotes
UAM-10/A 50000 Au49894832113064653 ---KE resistant type.
D/AM29 Free5661496310210235229DefaultCE resistant type.
D/KT-1S Free1170134640566249302 ---TE resistant type.
D/UAM-10 Free522110125982544356 ---KE resistant type.
Elbe AM28-2 84000 Au5861246459812849252 ---CE resistant type.
Ems AM28-2S 84000 Au5861246459812849252 ---CE resistant type.
Gironde AM107 80000 Au26348917991952228 ---KE resistant type.
Ilmenau AM28 96000 Au406111339269533726 ---CE resistant type.
Isari AM28S 96000 Au406111339269533726 ---CE resistant type.
KT-1S/Amur 100000 Au1078116853208583420 ---TE resistant type.
KT-1S4/Ilkut 55000 Au98880341878072404 ---TE resistant type.
KT-1S4/Ilkut 2 55000 Au98880341878072404 ---TE resistant type.
KT-1S5/Volga 96000 Au85674845228655348 ---TE resistant type.
KT-1S5/Volga 2 96000 Au85674845228655348 ---TE resistant type.
KT-4S2-2/Svir 2 87000 Au5421703357811845343 ---CE resistant type.
KT-4S2/Svir 87000 Au5421703357811845343 ---CE resistant type.
KT-4S3-2/Narva 2 48000 Au5021621288911143235 ---CE resistant type.
KT-4S3/Narva 48000 Au5021621288911143235 ---CE resistant type.
Saone AM106S 53000 Au42880229322603158 ---KE resistant type.
Seine AM106 53000 Au42880229322603158 ---KE resistant type.
UAM-10/L 85000 Au44659725982082641 ---KE resistant type.
UAM-10/R 85000 Au44659725982082641 ---KE resistant type.
UAM-10 Severn 90000 Au675114637223325462 ---KE resistant type.
UAM-23/I 58000 Au81390244027146273 ---First-generation TE-defense part. Can accomodate shoulder units on both sides. Features high firing accuracy on top of high defence.
UAM-23 Animas 105000 Au1037127649877451382 ---Second-generation TE-defense part. Can accomodate shoulder units on both sides. Interceptor model with high firing performance. Features improved basice performance across the board.
Weser AM29 55000 Au5141308400511739637 ---CE resistant type.
Wiesent AM29S 55000 Au5141308400511739637 ---CE resistant type.

Legs Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDPriceWeightEN DrainTypeAPDef KEDef CEDef TELoad CapacityMovement ControlAttitude ControlTurn PerformanceJump PerformanceAscent PerformanceBooster OutputBooster IgnitionHigh Boost Accel TimeUnlockNotes
KT-3N2/Barguzin 90000 Au2453998Heavyweight Bipedal25968722124126497380389485372882476---- ---TE resistant heavy legs.
Cinto LG104-2 129000 Au15151401Middleweight Bipedal2140615013124366198568987475692824---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
Grappa LG665 87000 Au22011080Quadruped24209382250525480122915140253552826---- ---CE resistant tetrapod legs.
Guadalupe LG18 128000 Au23561150Heavyweight Reverse Joint28746606233813368323244150644782987---- ---KE resistant heavy reverse joint legs.
Jorasses LG104 123000 Au14561304Middleweight Bipedal2046514202623826006608479185992997---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
KT-1N/Baikal 90000 Au2819814Tank2855895810672708871528849335007-201211000380006814 ---TE resistant tank legs.
KT-1N2/Elbrus 140000 Au2701499Tank264878649882607830533999095274-242210700410005 ---TE resistant tank legs.
KT-2N3/Putuo 140000 Au20981042Heavyweight Reverse Joint24206551218711564224136193258463216---- ---CE resistant heavy reverse joint legs.
KT-3N4 135000 Au22981023Heavyweight Bipedal26595661109127127402424888475632506---- ---TE resistant heavy legs.
KT-4N2/Belukha 128000 Au14141387Quadruped2206621919058270014725130359503489---- ---CE resistant tetrapod legs.
Morena LG15 82000 Au18891112Heavyweight Reverse Joint1656270918307775983888177850122889---- ---CE resistant heavy reverse joint legs.
Odenwald LG210 83000 Au15491205Heavyweight Reverse Joint2253030313566666065110141462723157---- ---KE resistant heavy reverse joint legs.
Ortigara LG664 142000 Au16081023Quadruped23412601221311576043445148060643087---- ---CE resistant tetrapod legs.
ULG-05 Tolima 123000 Au14981256Heavyweight Bipedal19968352878224868565204106480032903---- ---TE resistant heavy legs.
ULG-06 125000 Au25781212Heavyweight Bipedal2140539291523987001470896288222754---- ---TE resistant heavy legs.
ULG-09/A 110000 Au12041149Middleweight Bipedal1806211981983035217683374679863616---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
ULG-09/L 105000 Au10181075Lightweight Bipedal12879332682313924817951293483688---- ---KE resistant light legs.
ULG-09 Snowdon 91000 Au1248864Lightweight Bipedal16022415922584112774860896533302---- ---KE resistant light legs.
ULG-10/A Denali 129000 Au1602882Middleweight Bipedal1904814882844315623600191674153046---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
ULG-10/L 87000 Au1297682Lightweight Bipedal138427251492844431693283691363196---- ---KE resistant light legs.
ULG-11 Rainer 131000 Au1655784Middleweight Bipedal1888614582724265422622388978413332---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
ULG-20/L 123000 Au1101911Lightweight Bipeal14322385552454536750670699983232---- ---KE resistant light legs.
ULG-20 Shasta 82000 Au12821081Middleweight Bipedal1706912462093315968660677580863185---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
ULG-21 133000 Au13021162Middleweight Bipedal1755312842233396311634580378963134---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
ULG-30/L 139000 Au11521108Lightweight Reverse Joint160896027419848395798168672963256---- ---KE resistant light reverse joint legs.
ULG-30 Ruiz 135000 Au12571313Lightweight Reverse Joint150265766217146246222163866243689---- ---KE resistant light reverse joint legs.
ULG-31 Huila 83000 Au1458881Lightweight Reverse Joint1656291110828443195483140263983032---- ---KE resistant light reverse joint legs.
ULG-92 Vindhya 150000 Au2899852Tank27896902101329878814298710585651-192211200400007 ---TE resistant tank legs.
ULG-93/A 131000 Au3520908Tank318991117152135899327206111044403-16189800310004 ---TE resistant tank legs.
ULG-93/D 128000 Au38151051Tank292141022144831089901225413154641-150710300380004 ---TE resistant tank legs.
ULG-93 Satpura 84000 Au3104744Tank291741008129129289071257510024661-180210200360005 ---TE resistant tank legs.
Ventoux LG105 79000 Au14041225Middleweight Bipedal1862213032583615813572378876032712---- ---KE resistant medium legs.
Viso LG664-2 140000 Au24181198Quadruped25399746235827586592405161246412741---- ---CE resistant tetrapod legs.
Zoncolan LG663 135000 Au2003978Quadruped22940572251221277053125143357983232---- ---CE resistant tetrapod legs.

FCS Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDPriceWeightEN DrainLock SizeUnlockNotes
FCS-07/Lr Uzume 48000 Au11323658 ---Long-range type.
FCS-09 Yasakani 35000 Au55176919 ---Quick-lock type.
KV-1T2/Otkryt 50000 Au51199819 ---Wide-angle type.
KV-2T2 30000 Au86225623 ---Wide-angle type.
KV-2T3/Znatok 42000 Au742134LockSize ---Wide-angle type.
Predire FCS190 53000 Au66183910 ---Long-range type.
Seher FCS199 39000 Au75202113 ---Long-range type.
UFC-10 50000 Au21149812 ---Quick-lock type.
UFC-11 Glance 40000 Au38168916 ---Quick-lock type.

Generator Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDPriceWeightEN OutputEN CapacityCritical PowerPower Jamming ResistUnlockNotes
UGN-71 Robust 89000 Au809158606389028400630 ---High capacity type generator.
Forte GNE450 103000 Au59714050164890502001490 ---High capacity type generator.
Herz GNE500 82000 Au39813800175630445001390 ---High capacity type generator.
KV-3D2/Xinzang 110000 Au73014460105900991001150 ---Balanced type generator.
KV-3D3 Prochnyi 112000 Au121516190113670859001380 ---Balanced type generator.
KV-3D5 65000 Au8521516090150798001280 ---Balanced type generator.
Sonne GNE530 109000 Au105314920200130573001410 ---High capacity type generator.
UGN-70 Ho Vital 125000 Au832175305998033100510 ---High output type generator.
UGN-71 Lw 123000 Au695169904786031050580 ---High output type generator.

Booster Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDPriceWeightEN DrainBoost PowerBoost Ignition EffHigh Boost PowerHigh Boost Ignition EffectHigh Boost EN ConsumptionInitial Ignition EffTime to Max AccelHigh Boost Accel TimeHigh Boost Initial PowerHigh Boost Max Charge TimeMax Power TimingUnlockNotes
KT-2R3/Dafeng 50000 Au2463202158962732037968289972349816410753157 ---High-power type booster.
BT-21 Shinatsu 88000 Au23840011285636249360244301515327352015901810 ---High-acceleration type booster.
KT-5R2/Burya 80000 Au3133446164872598640035305022596313452758157 ---High-power type booster.
Orkan BT200 70000 Au1482587125333621426988549671333684123865104 ---Low-consumption type booster.
Tempete BT49 105000 Au156228912024390012751360170124989598863104 ---Low-consumption type booster.
UBT-25/H 93000 Au17831481401139394354984005320014401497701810 ---High-acceleration type booster.
UBT-25 Gale 65000 Au13327361302534941346283499819321311586751810 ---High-acceleration type booster.

Recon Edit

R.Arm Edit

L.Arm Edit

Shoulder Edit

Ultimate Weapon Edit

Introduced in Armored Core V Edit

Part IDWeightEN ConsumptionUW Attack PowerImpact ForceOperational TimeCharging CapacityUnlockNotes
Giga Missile - - - - - - ---
Giga Cannon 169890982348521736362478Complete Story Mission 9
Mass Blade 1338845154835856345281236Complete Story Mission 9
Grind Blade 1146129891256(x6)215630152345Complete Story Mission 9
Legion Pulse 141512256482310230504800Complete all Order Missions

Introduced in Armored Core Verdict Day Edit

Part IDWeightEN ConsumptionUW Attack PowerImpact ForceOperational TimeCharging CapacityUnlockNotes
Mega Blade 100679973586215835201584 ---