Model Kit of Unsung.

Armored Core Model Kits are plastic and metal kits based on the Armored Core franchise.


Armored Core Model Kits are made by the Japanese company Kotobukiya. All model kits come in 1/72 scale. The model kits include frame AC parts and weapons. Like in the games, an AC's parts can be exchanged with other AC model kits to create a new AC. The kits range from Armored Core to Armored Core V.

Model KitsEdit

BFF 063AN01 - Exact replica of Ambient from Armored Core For Answer

Algebra SOLUH -  Exact replica of Barbaroi from Armored Core 4

Rosenthal CR-HOGIRE - Has all standard TYPE-HOGIRE body parts with RF-R100, RDF-O200, EB-O305, and MP-O2001

Rosenthal CR-HOGIRE GunmetalVer. - Same as the CR-HOGIRE except with Gunmetal paint, and featuring ER-O200 laser rifle and EC-O300 laser cannon.

Rosenthal CR-HOGIRE Noblesse Oblige - Exact replica of Leonhardt's Noblesse Oblige from AC4. Includes an optional MR-R102 assault rifle to recreate Gerald's version from For Answer as well.

Rayleonard 03-AALIYAH - All standard AALIYAH body parts with OGOTO grenade cannon, 051AANR rifle and 04-MARVE rifle.

Rayleonard 03-AALIYAH Supplice - All standard Aaliyah body parts with SAMSARA, 051ANAM, 03-AALIYAH/LBS1 and 02-DRAGONSLAYER. Supposed replica of Berlioz's NEXT, Supplice.

Rayleonard 03-AALIYAH Kransnaya - Model kit of Hari's NEXT.

Rayleonard 04-ALICIA Unsung - All Unsung parts including weapons.

Rayleonard 04-ALICIA White Pearl - All standard ALICIA body parts with BFF 051ANNR rifle, 04-MARVE assault rifle, HLC09-ACRUX hi-laser cannon, and Sultan plasma cannon.

Interior Union Y01-TELLUS - All standard TELLUS body parts. Weapons include the RG01-PITONE, LR02-ALTAIR, HLC02-SIRIUS, BM03-MEDUSA, and SM01-SCYLLA.

Interior Union Y01-TELLUS Gunmetal Ver. - same as the standard TELLUS model kit except with Gunmetal paint, and weapons featured are LR04-AVIOR laser rifle, PG02-DENEB pulse gun, and RD03-PANDORA radar unit.

White Glint and V.O.B. Movie Color Ver. - Same as Line Ark White Glint but with decals and parts molded in colors to match the opening movie of Armored Core For Answer. Also includes the V.O.B. from the Vanguard Overedboost kit.

Line Ark White Glint - All ACFA White Glint parts including weapons.

Aspina White Glint - Exact replica of Joshua O'Brian's AC4 White Glint.

Aspina X-Sobrero - Exact replica of Fragile from Armored Core For Answer

GA GAN01-Sunshine-E Feedback - Replica of Roadie's NEXT Feedback.

GA GAN01-Sunshine-L - Replica of Sunshine-L seen in AC4.

Omer Type-Lahire Stasis - Replica of Otsdarva's NEXT Stasis.

Omer Type-Lahire Gunmetal Ver. - standard Type-Lahire body parts, except with Gunmetal paint, and weapons featured are KIKU blade, SG-O700 shotgun, and ACB-O710 add boosters.

Omer Project Magnus - a Type-Lahire frame that features XLG-SOBRERO legs and also comes with an XHD-SOBRERO head part as a spare. Weapons include 03-MOTORCOBRA machine gun, LARE handgun, two DEARBORN2, and 061ANRM relation missile.

Crest Assault Type - Replica of Fracture from the opening of Armored Core Silent Line and arena of Last Raven.

Crest CR-C75U2 Close Combat - Replica of the first Crest AC from the opening of Armored Core 3.

Crest CR-C840/UL Close Combat - Replica of the second Crest AC from Armored Core 3's opening.

Crest CR-C90U3 Dual Face - Replica of Genobee/Mollycoddle from Nexus/Last Raven.

Crest CR-C89E Oracle - Replica of Evangel's AC of Last Raven.

Crest CR-C06U5 Fascinator - Exact Replica of Zinaida's AC Fascinator.

Crest CR-C75U2 Delta - Exact Replica of Scylla's AC Delta.

Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball - Exact Replica of Ninebreaker's Nineball, which is also known as Baby Breath.

Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Gunmetal ver. Replica of Ninebreaker's Nineball, done in silver and gunmetal.

Mirage C01-GAEA - Exact replica of Nexus Oracle.

Mirage C01-GAEA-UN (Uncontrolled) Belonging Sapphire Force Ver. - Replica of Isami Jash's AZ01 from Armored Core Last Raven, Dengekiya Hobby Kan limited product.

Crest CR-C90U3 Cascade Range - Exact Replica of Cascade Range from Armored Core Last Raven.

Mirage C02-Uranus - Replica of a Mirage AC from the opening of Armored Core 3.

Mirage C02-Uranus Mavors - Exact replica of Mavors from Armored Core: Brave New World.

Mirage C03-HELIOS Victoria - Exact replica of Victoria/Wiktoria from Armored Core: Brave New World.

Mirage C04-ATLAS Fox Eye - Exact Replica of Foxeye from Last Raven.

Mirage C05 Selena- Replica of one of Mirage's AC in Armored Core 3's opening and the mascot of Armored Core 3.

Mirage YC07 Cronus Vixen - Replica of Stinger's AC from Nexus.

Mirage YC07 Cronus Gunmetal Ver.Replica of Stinger's AC, done in silver and gunmetal

Nineball Seraph - Exact replica of Nineball Seraph from Armored Core Master of Arena

Nineball Another Seraph - Same as the Nineball Seraph kit, but in black and gold colors

Nineball Seraph (Crystal ver.) - Same as the Nineball Seraph kit, but molded in completely clear plastic

Nineball (Armored Core ver.) - Replica of the original Nineball from Armored Core, which is also referred as Hustler One.

UCR-10/L AGNI - First model kit for the 5th-gen line of ACs. Uses the UCR-10/L AGNI core, UHD-10/I ARTHUR head, ULG-11 RAINIER legs, UAM-10/R arms, HARICOT SC61 Sniper Cannon, KO-2H6/STREKOZA Battle Rifle, URF-15/A JESUP rifle, and MOONLIGHT laser blade. The kit also allows some of the parts to be reconfigured, keeping in line with the nature of parts from Armored Core V of having the same base part but different configurations. The parts that can be reconfigured are:

  • UAM-10/R >> UAM-10/L

KT-104/Perun Hanged Man Rematch Ver. - Exact replica of Chief's Hanged Man from Armored Core V, in its configuration from Mission 7. Includes decal for Emblem. The parts that can be reconfigured are:

  • KT-3N2/BARGUZIN >> KT-3N4
  • UBR-05/R >> UBR-05

UCR-10/A SUPER ROBOT CHOGOKIN Ver. - Replica of an AC from Armored Core V. Uses the UHD-10 TRISTAN head, UCR-10/A core, UAM-10/A arm, ULG-10/A DENALI legs, URF-15 VALDOSTA rifle, KO-5K4 ZAPYATOI gatling gun, KO-2H6/STREKOZA battle rifle and UEM-34 MODESTO Pulse Machine gun. Was released prior to ACV's release, near enough alongside the KT-104/PERUN Hanged Man Rematch Ver. model kit.

  • SUPER ROBOT CHOGOKIN [Limited Edition ver.] - A special-edition version of the SRC UCR-10/A model that includes the Grind Blade Ultimate weapon.

UCR-10/A Vengeance Ver. - Replica of RD's Vengeance from Armored Core V, in its configuration from Mission 7. Includes the Overed Weapon Grind Blade and a decal for its Emblem. It is actually possible to replicate the full UCR-10/L AGNI frame with this kit because this also includes runners from the AGNI kit, since both frames virtually use the same base parts but with different configurations. Aside from that, the other parts that can be reconfigured are:

  • UAM-10A >> UAM-10 SEVERN
  • UHD-10 TRISTAN >> can be replaced with UHD-10/A GAWAIN, a UHD-10 TRISTAN that is in Overed Weapon mode, or the UHD-10/I ARTHUR
  • the ULG-10/A DENALI leg part includes a special feature that allows the legs to mount weapons, allowing the frame to mount a total of 6 weapons (both hands, both shoulders, both legs) instead of the usual 4 (both hands, both shoulders only). This feature is not present in the game.

C03 Malicious [Limited Edition] - A replica of the high-mobility sniper UNAC featured in Armored Core: Verdict Day. Comes pre-built, including the AU25 Kalong HEAT Machine gun and AM/SHA-109 KE-resistant shield. Is only available to those who pre-ordered the collector's edition from the bandai namco site.

CO3 Malicious R.I.P./M - a.k.a Blue Magnolia, this is a replica of Magnolia Curtis' AC from mission 9 of Armored Core Verdict Day. Includes a decal for both of its Emblems (the Blue Magnolia and Reaper Squad emblems) The First-release Limited Edition version of the kit contains 3 extra weapons (AU13 Kobold handgun, Au-V-G37 HEAT machine gun, AM/SHA-109 shield). The parts that can be reconfigured are:

  • HF-227 >> HF-132
  • L03 FreQuency >> L18 Fragrant
  • AM/SHA-109 >> AM/SHA-207

Matsukaze mdl.2 Base Defense type - Replica of the Tank-type AC seen in the opening cinematic of Armored Core V. Aside from the full schematic featured in the box art, the kit also contains a full extra leg part (AOI mdl.2), which is the same as the KT-3N4 reconfigured leg part from the Hanged Man Rematch Ver. model kit. The LeT-A-D09 leg part can utilize an adapter part that allows 4th-gen AC core parts to be mounted to it.

Add-ons Edit

Weapon Unit 001 - A weapon-only pack containing CR-E81AM Anti-Missile Extensions, CR-WR76RA Assault Rifle, and CR-WL88LB3 Laser Blade

Weapon Unit 002 - A weapon-only pack containing the KINNARA Micro-Missile Launcher Back Unit and CR-WR69M Machine Gun

Weapon Unit 003 - A weapon-only pack containing the CR-WH73H2 Handgun and WB24RG-LADON2 Railgun Back Unit

Weapon Unit 004 - A weapon-only pack containing a WB10R-SIREN2 Radar Back Unit, RASETSU Parrying Blade, and CR-WL95G Grenade Launcher

Weapon Unit 005 - A weapon-only pack containing CR-E92RM3 Relation Missile Extensions, CR-WR73RS Sniper Rifle, and YWL03LB-TAROS Laser Blade

Weapon Unit 006 - A weapon-only pack containing JIREN Energy Pack Extensions, WH03M-FINGER Machine Gun, and NICHIRIN Flamethrower

Weapon Unit 007 - A weapon-only pack containing ANOKU Turn-Booster Extensions, WH01R-GAST Assault Rifle, and JITEN Shield

Weapon Unit 008 - A weapon-only pack containing the CR-WBW78C Chaingun Dual-Back Unit and WH09H-WRAITH Handgun

Weapon Unit 009 - A weapon-only pack containing CR-E82SS2 SideShield Extensions, WB03R-SIREN Radar Back Unit, and WR16DL-SKULL Laser Rifle

Weapon Unit 010 - A weapon-only pack containing the WR07M-PIXIE3 Machine Gun, CR-WL79LB2 Laser Blade, and CR-WB78RP2 Rocket Launcher Back Unit

Weapon Unit 011 - A weapon-only pack containing the WH08RS-FENRIR Sniper Rifle and CR-WH01HP Handgun

Weapon Unit 012 - A weapon-only pack containing the CR- WBW98LX Laser Cannon Dual-Back Unit

Weapon Unit 013 - A weapon-only pack containing 09-FLICKER Flash Rocket Extensions, 01-HITMAN Machine Gun, and 01-MOONLIGHT Laser Blade

Weapon Unit 014 - A weapon-only pack containing ARO401 ECM Maker Extensions, SAMPAGUITA Shotgun, and KBO004 Kojima Blade

Weapon Unit 015 - A weapon-only pack containing the 061ANSC Sniper Cannon Back Unit and GAEn01-SL-WH Handgun

Weapon Unit 016 - A weapon-only pack containing the HLR01-CANOPUS Laser Rifle

Weapon Unit 017 - A weapon only pack containing the CG-R500 Chaingun Back Unit and EB-R500 Laser Blade

Weapon Unit 018 - A weapon-only pack that contains the OIGAMI Grenade Cannon Dual-Back Unit

ACV V.I. Weapon Set - A weapon-only pack containing the AM/SRA-133 Sniper Rifle, KURENAI mdl.2 Shotgun, AU04 Kestrel Gatling Gun, Au-C-B07 Battle Rifle, AM-SCA-122 Sniper Cannon, 2 Au-R-F03 Heat Pile Bunkers (one for each arm), 2 MURAKUMO mdl.1 Physical Blades (one for each arm), X100 MOONLIGHT Laser Blade, AM/RFA-130 Rifle, AM/RFA-222 Rifle, and HATSUKARI mdl.1 Pulse Machine Gun

Vanguard Overed Boost Unit - The V.O.B. from the 'White Glint and V.O.B.' kit. Can be mounted on all 4th-gen AC kits as well.

Overed Weapon Set (Limited Edition) - Contains the Giga Cannon and a refined version of the Grind Blade, as well as adapter pegs so that they can be mounted on 4th-gen AC kits and Frame Arms kits as well.

Head Unit 001 - A Head-Part only pack containing the CR-H84E2 and YH15-DRONE heads

Head Unit 002 - A Head-Part only pack containing the CR-H06XS-EYE4 and YH06-LADYS heads

Arm Unit 001 - A Weapon-Arm only pack containing the CR-WA69MG Machinegun arms

Arm Unit 002 - A Weapon-Arm only pack containing the SYURA Laser Blade arms


The image gallery for Armored Core Model Kits may be viewed here.


  • While the regular CR-HOGIRE and GAN01-SUNSHINE-L feature their standard-issue weapons in AC4, the regular 03-AALIYAH and Y01-TELLUS however do not. Instead, the Y01-TELLUS features a vast array of Interior Union weaponry, and the regular 03-AALIYAH features Supplice's weaponry, save for the shoulder-mounted flares. The Supplice model kit does come with said flares and uses Supplice's color scheme, but the other weapons are different from the actual Supplice schematic found in AC4. Therefore, if you wish to replicate Berlioz's full Supplice schematic, you would have to purchase both the regular 03-AALIYAH and Supplice model kits.
  • Interestingly, the core part for CO3 Malicious R.I.P./M , the C03 Malicious core, cannot be reconfigured to the C06 Matador core part.
  • The limited edition of C01-GAEA does not feature the weaponry used by Oracle, but instead the weaponry exclusively used by AZ01.

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