The Armored Core 3 Arena is composed of 72 (73 in AC3 Portable) Global Cortex Ravens.


The Armored Core 3 Arena is initially composed of 50 Ravens working for Global Cortex. At the start of the game the player is ranked E-10. The 23 Ravens ranked E-11 and below are added in the arena after completing missions.

Rankings (Ravens, AC)Edit

Rank Raven AC
Raven Rank A
A-1 Ace Arcadia
A-2 BB Tyrant
A-3 Royal Mist Kaiser
Raven Rank B
B-1 Grand Chief Hammer
B-2 Fanfare Intrepid
B-3 Caller Harlequin
B-4 Valkyrie Swift
B-5 Nocturne Zine
B-6 Flying Fix Flag
B-7 Cypress Shade
Raven Rank C
C-1 Faust Magus
C-2 Impulse Stallion
C-3 Bremen Multi Box
C-4 Fanatic Red Eye
C-5 Midas Semilat
C-6 Street Enemy Static Man
C-7 Trooper Viper
C-8 Hostile Atomic Pod
C-9 Trafalgar D. Trigger
C-10 Milky Way Niche
C-11 Bad Brain Pincer
C-12 Shadow Age Grinder
C-13 OX Parthenon
C-14 Barchetta Karma
C-15 Thunder House Battlefield
Raven Rank D
D-1 Comeback Joker
D-2 Claizen Insomnia
D-3 Bison Gauntlet
D-4 Sweet Sweeper Varna
D-5 Fragile Night Flyer
D-6 Hard Edge Revival
D-7 Flare-Up Dynamo
D-8 Doral Crossback
D-9 Suburban King Ghast
D-10 Yellow Boat Apathy
D-11 Aster Megalo
D-12 Chain Impact Valiant
D-13 Fixer Einhander
D-14 Back Breaker Castor
D-15 Pylon Tower of Wind
Raven Rank E
E-1 Twinhead-W Animal
E-2 Vice Firefly
E-3 Gaidoz Guernica
E-4 Cascade Signal
E-5 Snakewood Gateway
E-6 Twinhead-B Patriot
E-7 Strasbourg Volcano
E-8 Wake Up Echo Head
E-9 Adieu Sky Dancer
E-10 The Raven
E-11 Brass Cool Head
E-12 Bilbo Green Witch
E-13 Paranoia Ice Walls
E-14 Paradox Zak
E-15 Pass Ahead Progenitor
E-16 Ducks Ingot
E-17 Endymion Sympathy
E-18 Apple Boy Esperanza
E-19 Regina Echidna
E-20 Cold Heart The Sun
E-21 Huntress Rouge
E-22 Scylla Delta
E-23 Spartan Tempest
E-24 Castdown Browser
E-25 Sandoval Bataille
E-26 Hozumi Eysen
E-27 Tsukuyo Sarashina
E-28 Kalchas Coral Sky
E-29 Asylum Gigantes
E-30 Vector Hypnos
E-31 Terra Spectrum
E-32 Exile Painkiller
E-33 13* Mavors
  • * This Raven only appears in Armored Core: 3 Portable


  • Because the Raven technically becomes the Nine Breaker in all games, all Arena Ravens are one rank lower at the end of each game.
  • The Raven 13 is added only in Armored Core 3 Portable.

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