A list of the top 10 ranking Ravens at the beginning of Armored Core. Ravens were added and removed as they are killed in action or gain enough points. There are five additional Ravens that enter the rankings throughout the story.


Rank Raven Armored Core Points
1st Hustler One Nine-Ball 9000
2nd Losvaize Valkyrie 7500
3rd Barutazaru Fefnir 7000
4th Wolf Fenrir 6500
5th Crescent Moon Crescent Moon 4500
6th Lynx Minx Pretty Kitty 4300
7th Nick Kawasaki Dragon Killer 3500
8th Mizuho Kamui Kamui mk. 17 3400
9th Peace Maker Blue Steel 2700
10th White Queen Check Mate II 2500
Unranked The Raven - -
Unranked Boss Savage Sledgehammer -
Unranked Dynamitable Blockbuster -
Unranked Falcon Vigilante -
Unranked Invincible Q Bounty -
Unranked Puryunu Touri Toufuku-go -

Other RavensEdit

  • In addition to this listing of Ravens the following four AC units appear throughout the missions of Armored Core:

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