Armored Core Verdict Day Box Art

Armored Core: Verdict Day is the 15th installment of From Software's Armored Core franchise. It is published by Bandai Namco and available on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on 24 September 2013. It is based on Armored Core V's system and allows players to import their mech schematics from the previous game.


Verdict Day is set around 100 years after the events of Armored Core V. Following The Raven's victory over Exusia, the contamination that isolated humanity had begun to subside, allowing humans to return to more of the world. The discovery of high-tech Towers, once hidden by the contamination, ignited a new war--known as the Verdict War--between several different factions. Adding to the conflict is a mysterious group known as the Reaper Squad, as well as the usage of Unmanned Armored Cores called UNACs. The game follows the story of an unnamed AC pilot, generally indicated as The Raven, who accepts assignments on behalf of various factions, encountering numerous mercenaries in battle, before entering into conflict with the Reaper Squad and the Foundation.




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Armored Core: Verdict Day introduces a new AI system called UNAC (UNmanned Armored Cores), which plays an important role in both campaign and multiplayer.


The game was released in America for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on September 24, 2013. In Japan it was released on the September 26, 2013. In Europe and Australia it was released on September 27, 2013.

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  • In mission 5-3 there is a wreck of an arms fort (Spirit of Motherwill) that you fight around during the events of the mission. That particular arms fort is destroyed during the events of Armored Core: For Answer, by the player as a mid-game event.
  • Although the Unknown AC on the cover serves no purpose but as a display (Also applies to other various of ACVD wallpapers), the machine also appears as a SIGN's UNAC Long Range type but with a different colour scheme.

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