Here is a list of the Missions in Armored Core: For Answer. There is a total of 42 missions in the game. Note that the missions are only listed in rough chronological order.

Chapter 1Edit

Mission Image Client Area Reward
Mission icon Attack on Line Ark "Attack on Line Ark" The League of Ruling Companies Line Ark 200,000c
Mission icon Attack on Naval Port of Mimir "Attack on Naval Port of Mimir" Global Armaments Naval Port of Mimir 300,000c
Mission icon Ambush Sphere Invasion Forces "Ambush Sphere Invasion Force" Bernard and Felix Foundation Sphere 400,000c
Mission icon Attack on Richland "Attack on Richland" Global Armaments Richland Agricultural Plant 500,000c
Mission icon Defeat AF Giga Base "Defeat AF Giga Base" Interior Union Northwest Sea 400,000c
Mission icon Support the Red Beret Assault "Support the Red Beret Assault" Interior Union Red Valley 300,000c
Mission icon Defeat Wonderful Body "Defeat Wonderful Body" Interior Union Old Peace City 500,000c
Mission icon Attack on B7 "Attack on B7" Omer Science Technology Deep Mining Facility B7 300,000c
Mission icon Clear Former Chinese Shanghai "Clear Former Chinese Shanghai" Omer Science Technology Former Chinese Shanghai 500,000c
Mission icon Take Back Cradle 21 "Take Back Cradle 21" The League of Ruling Companies Cradle 21 400,000c
Mission icon Defeat AF Cabracan "Defeat AF Cabracan" Global Armaments Former Colony Sing 700,000c
Mission icon Defeat The Spirit of Motherwill "Defeat The Spirit of Motherwill" Omer Science Technology Old Peace City 700,000c

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Second Phase

Chapter 4Edit

Mission Image Client Area Reward
Mission icon Defend Cradle 03 "Defend Cradle 03" The League of Ruling Companies Cradle 03 600,000c
Mission icon Defeat ORCA's Special AF Unit "Defeat ORCA's Special AF Unit" The League of Ruling Companies Old Clark Area 700,000c
Mission icon Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons "Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons" The League of Ruling Companies Anti-Satellite Cannon Ehrenberg 700,000c
Mission icon Defeat the Main ORCA Forces "Defeat the Main ORCA Forces" The League of Ruling Companies Big Box 700,000c
Mission icon Defend Arteria Cranium "Defend Arteria Cranium" Wynne D. Fanchon Arteria Cranium 300,000c
Mission icon Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons "Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons" ORCA Anti-Satellite Cannon Ehrenberg 600,000c
Mission icon Destroy Cradle 03 "Destroy Cradle 03" Old King Cradle 03 1,000,000c
Mission icon Defeat AF Answerer "Defeat AF Answerer" The League of Ruling Companies ORCA 900,000c
Mission icon Attack on Arteria Cranium "Attack on Arteria Cranium" Arteria Cranium ORCA 700,000c
Mission icon Occupation of Arteria Carpals "Occupation of Arteria Carpals" Interior Union Arteria Carpals 1,000,000c

Destruction Path

  • "Destroy Cradle 03"
  • "Occupation of Arteria Carpals"

League Path

  • "Defend Cradle 03"
  • "Defeat ORCA's Special AF Unit"
  • "Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons"
  • "Defeat the Main ORCA Force"
  • "Defend Arteria Cranium"


  • "Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons"
  • "Defeat AF Answerer"
  • "Attack on Arteria Cranium"