Apple Boy - Emblem
Apple Boy
General information
Japanese Nameアップルボーイ
Romaji NameAppurubōi
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationGlobal Cortex
CraftAC Esperanza
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 3
EncounteredRaven Test
Attack Mirage Forces
Defend the Monorail
Destroy Gun Emplacements
Destroy Massive MT
Disable Radar Equipment
Distract Union Defenses
Protect Crest Convoy
Recover Data Capsules
Armored Core 3 Arena
"I’ll do my best!"
— Apple Boy

Apple Boy is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is ranked E-18 in the Arena. He is partnered with Adieu in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the twenty-fourth highest ranked team.


Apple Boy was The Raven's counterpart and one of his/her closest allies. Having become a Raven at the very same time, he served as one of Cortex's most dynamic pilots changing the equipment loadout of his AC with the progression of his abilities. He joined The Raven in numerous missions as an AC pilot.


  • Raven Test
    • I’ll do my best!
    • Last one!
    • (If Fired Upon)I’m on your side!
    • (If Defeated)Arrgh!!

AC EsperanzaEdit

AC Esperanza

AC Esperanza

Esperanza can be simply called the upgraded version of Adieu. In early missions, he will use a green and red painted version of the AC you are provided with at the start of the game. In later missions Esperanza is slightly improved, but using the same colors and is a middleweight AC designed with direct combat in mind. The battle is not difficult however the vertical launch missiles can be damaging if too many strike home. The Esperanza is well rounded if a little on the slow side. There is not much remarkable to either Apple Boy's piloting or AC. Much like its pilot, it was built for direct combat and has no real "trump cards."



Apple Boy can be hired as a consort in the following missions:

Starter AC Esperanza

AC Esperanza

In-Game InformationEdit

New to the Raven fold, his AC sports a rudimentary setup. He prefers head-to-head battle with as little fooling around as possible. He's an honest man, but his abilities remain in doubt. Becoming a Raven has been a lifelong ambition.


Apple Boy will charge you with his missile launchers and then attempt a half-hearted circle strafe maneuver. He can be a useful ally in the extra arena for he will valiantly attempt greatness. He usually fails but it is none the less an impressive spectacle to watch as his hopelessly out matched AC fearlessly goes up against one or more far more powerful opponents. Apple Boy is usually able to hold his own with even the best of them by presenting himself as a moving target with reasonably good aim, however his exploits are usually short lived as nothing about his AC gives him a great advantage or disadvantage over any other opponent.



The name Esperanza translates to "Hope" in Spanish.


  • It is possible for Apple Boy to be killed in Raven Testing. If killed, he will not be able to support you in later missions and will not appear in the Arena.