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Anil Hassan
General information
AliasShiv Anil Ambani
Affiliation and military information
CraftNEXT Carrion Crow
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 4
EncounteredData Arena

Anil Hassan is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core 4. He is ranked 28th in the Data Arena.

In-Game BiographyEdit

Elite Lynx selected from Eqbal's Bharat Squadron. A born soldier with considerable battlefield experience and the skill to see his mission through.

NEXT Carrion CrowEdit

AC Carrion Crow

NEXT Carrion Crow

Anil pilots a gray and green camouflage scheme SOLUH model.



  • R Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/R Side: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
    • Legs/ R Upper: None
  • L Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/L Side: None
    • Core/ L Upper: SALAUX-CORE-OPC02
    • Legs/ L Upper: None
  • L Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/L Lower: None
    • Arms/Left: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/L Middle: None
    • Legs/L Lower: None
  • R Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/R Lower: None
    • Arms/Right: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/R Middle: None
    • Legs/R Lower: None


  • In the Japanese version of AC4, Anil Hassan is instead named Shiv Anil Ambani. Curiously, Anil Ambani is a real-life Indian millionaire. The change is perhaps intentional due to this fact.