For the pilot of the first White Glint, see Joshua O'Brien.
Infobox Anatolia's Mercenary
White Glint
General information
Japanese Nameアナトリアの傭兵 (Anatoria no Yōhei)
ホワイト・グリント (Howaito Gurinto)
Other namesWhite Glint (Armored Core: For Answer)
Anatolia's Raven (Armored Core 4)
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationAnatolia (Armored Core 4)
Line Ark (Armored Core: For Answer)
Raven (National Dismantlement War)
Rank9 (Armored Core: For Answer)
39 (Armored Core 4)
CraftNEXT White Glint (Armored Core: For Answer)
Player choice (Armored Core 4)
Conflicts activeNational Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Economic War
Notable battlesBattle at the Abandoned City
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer
3D Dot Game Heroes
Armored Core: A New Order of "NEXT"
Armored Core Designs 4 & for Answer
Voice actorNone

Anatolia's Mercenary is the title given to the player character of Armored Core 4. Like previous Armored Core player characters, Anatolia's Mercenary does not speak and is never given a name. In Armored Core: For Answer, he reappears more than a decade after the events of the previous game and is referred to by his NEXT's name, White Glint.

Anatolia's Mercenary was originally a Raven who served in the National Dismantlement War. Following the war's conclusion and the advent of Pax Economica, he became the guardian Lynx of Anatolia and with the aid of Emil Gustav and Fiona Jarnefeldt, he performed missions from the corporations to support the colony. When the Lynx War broke out, he became a force to be reckoned with; despite being a newcomer Lynx, he defeated numerous Originals and directly caused the downfall of corporations. For his actions, Anatolia's Mercenary would be given the title of "Hero of the Lynx War." When the war ended, Fiona took him and left Anatolia.

By the time of the Economic War, he pilots White Glint, a custom-made NEXT, and he serves as the only Lynx and the ace-in-the hole of Line Ark, a maritime city-state that opposes the League of Ruling Companies. Although he is only Rank 9 in Collared's Lynx roster, the corporations consider him to be too powerful for any single NEXT to take on, to the point that his presence is the only thing that prevents the League from outright annihilating Line Ark.


Pre-Lynx WarEdit

10-1-2010 5-25-31 PM

His new home, Anatolia

The man who would come to be known as the "Hero of the Lynx War" and "White Glint" was originally a Raven in the National Dismantlement War. After being rescued by Fiona Jarnefeldt, he took refuge in her colony, Anatolia, eventually calling it home. The death of Professor Jarnefeldt, who single-handedly funded Anatolia, caused the colony to enter a state of economic crisis, so in order to support his new home, the man agreed to Emil Gustav's plan: from Raven to NEXT-piloting Lynx and with Fiona as his Operator, he would act as the colony's sole mercenary to bring in money. The man would be known henceforth as "Anatolia's Mercenary".

His first mission is to eliminate terrorist forces at Gryphon, The Independent City. His success in this job impresses the corporations, thus presenting a number of opportunities for Anatolia's new Lynx.[3]


"Desert Wolf" Amazigh, the first of many Lynx to be defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary

A string of contracts leads to him playing an important role in the defeat of the Maghrib Liberation Front (MLF), White Africa's largest anti-establishment group. First taking out their forces stationed at the Gelts'a Fortress,[4] he then eliminates their ballistic missile arsenal at the Eritrean Stronghold,[5] before finally ambushing and defeating Amazigh, one of their Irregular Lynx and their iconic hero, at the Former Peace City, effectively crippling them.[6] In revenge, the MLF remnants launch a surprise attack on Anatolia, where the mercenary is forced to fight without Primal Armor for fear of rendering the colony inhospitable. Despite the setback, he successfully defeats the attackers.[7] His final battle with the group is at the Nasser Oil Refinery, where he defeats surviving MLF Irregular Lynx Sus.[8]

The man's actions would later trigger a war between the corporations. Having proven his worth to corporation Global Armaments (GA), they tasked him with eliminating the personnel in one of their facilities, Hejde Arsenal, which not only belonged to the GA subsidiary GA Europe, but was also supported by fellow Pax corporation Akvavit.[9] This attack on the facility was used by Akvavit as an excuse to wage war on the GA Group. The ensuing conflict would make up the latter events of Armored Core 4, the Lynx War.

Lynx WarEdit

Economic WarEdit


The White Glint emblem used by him in the Economic War and by the deceased O'Brien is a stylized Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

More than a decade after the Lynx War, Anatolia's Mercenary is active during the Economic War, now siding with maritime city-state Line Ark as their greatest military asset and sole Lynx, with Fiona as his Operator once again. He uses the NEXT White Glint, a craft dedicated to the memory of his deceased friend Joshua O'Brien. Because his name is unknown to the Collared database, everyone refers to him by his NEXT's name.

White Glint's exploits have become legendary, with a representative of the League of Ruling Companies even noting him to be considerably more powerful than his rank suggests, to the point that they believe him to be too much for any single NEXT to handle alone. Rank 1 Lynx Otsdarva has become obsessed with defeating him, and holds him and Fiona responsible for Anatolia's destruction.[23] Serene Haze notes that White Glint's abilities are top class.[23][2]

The loss of the White Glint is a heavy blow for Line Ark. Without their trump card and only NEXT, Line Ark's military power greatly diminishes, exactly as Fiona and the League had anticipated. Line Ark ultimately collapses after the destruction of Megalis.[24]

NEXT White GlintEdit

During the Economic War, Anatolia's Mercenary pilots White Glint, a middleweight, all-white NEXT that bears the emblem and name of the deceased Joshua O'Brien's NEXT. This White Glint is aesthetically different from that of O'Brien's White Glint; it resembles Algebra's SOLUH NEXT frame, and its frame parts are custom-made by Line Ark. The NEXT also transforms for certain actions: during Over Boost, a myriad of boosters extend and open, and the head sinks into the torso; when activating its Assault Armor, the craft's frame expands and certain parts gain additional armor. The NEXT is designed by Abe Marsh, the designer of O'Brien's White Glint.

White Glint is armed with two BFF-manufactured rifles: the 051ANNR on the right hand, and the 063ANAR on the other. It is equipped with two SALINE05 spread missiles on its back. Because of the way the NEXT's shoulders were built, White Glint cannot be equipped with Shoulder Weapons. In some cases, it can also reactivate itself after being disabled once.[25]

Like Joshua O'Brien's White Glint, this craft is built with high-speed combat in mind.


Armored Core 4Edit

Anatolia's Mercenary is the player character of Armored Core 4. Although the player is given a variety of standard NEXT schematics to choose from at the start of the game, Anatolia's Mercenary goes into battle using whatever NEXT the player has designed. Like every Armored Core game protagonist, Anatolia's Mercenary does not speak. The events which he experiences during the game will depend on whether the player has chosen to play either Normal Mode or Hard Mode.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Anatolia's Mercenary appears in Armored Core: For Answer as an NPC siding with Line Ark, and as the pilot of the NEXT White Glint. He is once again partnered with Fiona Jarnefeldt, and is considered by the League as Line Ark's only military threat. In the game, his name is listed as "UNKNOWN" in the Collared database, and as such, he is referred to as "White Glint" because of the NEXT he uses. Like in the previous game, Anatolia's Mercenary does not speak, so Fiona speaks on his behalf. Anatolia's Mercenary is encountered in the missions "Defeat White Glint" and "Defend Line Ark", both of which take place in Line Ark. He can also be fought in the Arena.

The English-language version of the game erroneously states that Anatolia's Mercenary is female in Collared's Order Match biography and in the game's official Ubisoft website, despite Armored Core 4 as well as Fiona in "Defend Line Ark" establishing him to be a male. Further adding to the confusion is that he never speaks in-game; Fiona speaks on his behalf, so Fiona is mistaken by players to be the pilot of White Glint.

White Glint intro

White Glint in an introductory cutscene from "Defeat White Glint".

If the player accepts the mission "Defeat White Glint", White Glint will appear as a hostile NPC and the target of the mission. The player is partnered with Otsdarva and sent to Line Ark to defeat White Glint in a two-on-one battle. Should the player inflict enough damage to White Glint, a scripted event will unfold, with White Glint disabling Otsdarva's Stasis by shooting its main thrusters and forcing the NEXT to sink into the water below, unable to produce enough thrust to escape. This will leave the player and White Glint to face off one-on-one. If the player chooses to commence the mission on Hard Mode, then White Glint will reactivate itself after the player has defeated it once, thus requiring the player to defeat White Glint twice in order to complete the mission. Defeating White Glint unlocks the NEXT's weapons for purchase at the store.

If the player chooses to play "Defend Line Ark", then White Glint will appear as a friendly NPC to assist the player in a fight against Otsdarva and CUBE. White Glint will be defeated in a scripted event, thus leaving the player to fight alone. Fiona will then apologize to the player for White Glint's defeat. Additionally, CUBE cannot be killed unless White Glint is defeated first. On Hard Mode, White Glint's AP will be lowered, making it more likely for him to be defeated early on. If the player completes the mission, then White Glint's parts will be unlocked for purchase at the store.

White Glint VOB

White Glint equipped with a VOB unit in Armored Core: For Answer's intro movie.

White Glint is featured in the game's intro movie, which begins with White Glint being prepared for sortie, with its rifles being delivered by helicopter and with a VOB equipped. Upon launching, he engages the enemy troops on his way to the Spirit of Motherwill, disengaging the VOB upon reaching the Arms Fort. He immediately takes heavy damage to the NEXT's core, loses his left rifle, and is knocked down into the ground below. As the the Spirit of Motherwill aims its cannons at him, White Glint prepares to activate its assault armor, and the movie ends.

White Glint also appears in many of the game's promotional material. It is on the cover of the game's box art, and is featured in trailers that reuse footage from the game's intro movie. Early trailers also show in-game footage of White Glint alongside a differently colored Line Ark.



Armored Core 4Edit

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit



  • "4 the Answer" is the character's leitmotif in Armored Core: For Answer. It is played in the game's intro movie and trailers, and in "Defeat White Glint".
  • White Glint's parts are listed under Line Ark, making them the only AC parts in the Armored Core franchise to not have been manufactured by one of the corporations. White Glint's parts are also the most expensive, costing 700.000.
  • White Glint is the only mecha in Armored Core: For Answer to be designed by Shoji Kawamori, the mecha designer of pre-Armored Core 4 games. Every other mecha in Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer is designed by Yuzo Kojima.
  • CraftSection J N-WGIX

    N-WGIX/v in the final mission of Armored Core: Verdict Day.

    The final boss of Armored Core: Verdict Day, J, uses the N-WGIX/v, a machine with NEXT technology and a heavy resemblance to White Glint, even having its own version of a Vanguard Overboost unit.
  • White Glint is one of the machines in the Armored Core franchise to be made into a model kit by Kotobukiya. White Glint has model kits based on both its Armored Core 4 design as piloted by Joshua O'Brien, as well as its upgraded Armored Core: For Answer version piloted by Anatolia's Mercenary.
  • White Glint appears as a character in 3D Dot Game Heroes, an action-adventure video game developed by From Software in 2009. He is a playable character listed as "W.Glint" and is described as "a mysterious NEXT controlled by an unknown LYNX".
  • From its appearance alone, it could be a heavily customized 03-AALIYAH since they are known to be piloted by advanced players.



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