Anatolia is the name of the colony from which the protagonist of Armored Core 4 originates.

10-1-2010 5-25-31 PM

Anatolia as seen in the Armored Core 4 cutscene.


One of the many colonies that dot the planet, Anatolia appears to have buildings modeled after Tudorbethan style architecture, giving it a refined and elegant appearance. The colony is based on both edges of a river side and is surrounded by a series of large towers. There appears to be no type of walls or defensive installations, suggesting a lack of military based infrastructure with the exception of its NEXT development program.

During the last mission, the colony is attacked by Joshua O'Brian under orders from Omer Science Technology, piloting the 00-Aretha prototype. It is destroyed as a result, and the final fate of Emil Gustav and Anatolia are for the most part left unknown, although the final sections imply that Gustav is recounting the events of AC4 several years after the mission.

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