Ammo - Emblem

Ammo's Emblem

Ammo is a Raven that appears in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 29th in the Arena.


Middleweight AC design equipped with multiple rocket launchers. The pilot's manual targeting skills leave something to be desired.

Ammo styles himself as something of a rival to The Raven. He is killed during a mission for Navis by a Mirage Raven.


Birth BombEdit

AC Birth Bomb

AC Birth Bomb

Ammo's first craft is very basic with emphasis on Rocket weapons, the performance is not great due to the inaccuracy of the principal weapons.

End BombEdit

AC End Bomb

AC End Bomb

An upgrade of Birth Bomb with much promise due to Ammo's increasing skills. This the last unit Ammo pilots.



AC Birth Bomb

AC End Bomb

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