Aircraft carrier
Aircraft Carrier
Classification: Ship
Designer: BFF
  • Machine Guns
  • Normals
  • Attack Helicopters

The 046CV1180, commonly referred to as Aircraft Carriers, are common naval enemies encountered throughout Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.


The 046CV1180 is a BFF-manufactured aircraft carrier designed to transport, launch, and provide logistical support to a variety of smaller assets. These ships appear in large fleets accompanied by Aegis Destroyers and Battleships, and make up nearly half of most naval battlegroups.

These ships feature a unique multi-level flight deck, with an elevated section at the rear of the ship. Both flight decks are covered with deck elevators, runways, and helipads, but apparently lack the need for the catapults used to launch fighter aircraft used on modern ships.

Aircraft carriers are not designed for direct combat and are armed with only a few machine gun turrets, and are typically destroyed by a single hit from most laser blades and grenade cannons. They do however, support the battle indirectly through the deployment of Normals and attack helicopters. This is most notably demonstrated in the Armored Core 4 mission Break the White Lance, where nearly half of the enemy forces consist of Normals and helicopters deployed from the aircraft carriers.


During the mission briefing cinematic for Break the White Lance, various units are seen being launched from the aircraft carriers in the Queenslance's support fleet, including an 044AC being raised from below the flight deck on an elevator platform.

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