Agraya Emblem
General information
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationCrest Industries
CraftAC Red Star
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Nexus
EncounteredStop Crest Invasion Force

Agraya is a Raven that appears in Armored Core: Nexus.


AC Red Star

AC Red Star

Agraya is an unregistered Crest-exclusive pilot and an enigmatic character. Although no data on her is available as she is not registered with the Ark, her combat record makes her one of Crests best. She works directly under the command of #1 Genobee. Her devotion to him can be seen in her similarly colored AC as well as her regretful apology when she is defeated. She is lured into a trap by the Raven and is killed in the ensuing battle.

AC Red StarEdit

A lightweight AC with the same color scheme as Dual-Face, Red Star is a lightweight bipedal equipped with weapons geared mainly towards close-range combat. She has a shotgun, grenade rifle, a chain gun, a triple missile launcher, anti-missile extensions and an overboost core. The unit also evidenced to have OP-INTENSIFY, as it can fire its back-mounted chain gun without kneeling. Red Star is also acutally an overweight AC, just like Genobee's AC, but the OP-I attributes render it a nonissue.


Her strategy is to rush in on you while unloading a heck ton of punishment from her weapons, also given the fact that her weapons are geared towards close combat, it is going to hurt facing her up close. She resorts to using her shotgun or chain gun along with her grenade rifle at close range and missiles at mid-range, so to avoid her simply stay further away from her. But do note that she also loves to use Overboost to close distance rapidly, so make sure your own AC has enough mobility to evade her quickly, or you will be in for a hell of a beating.

Fortunately, her AC is not built to take a lot of punishment, as she is a lighweight AC, it is very easy to crack her fragile frame. Rapid-fire close range weapons such as machine guns or shotguns do good against her, or hard-hitting weapons like the linear rifle or laser rifles can break her apart easily too. Missiles work too but she does have anti-missile extensions so they may not be very effective.



  • Like Genobee's Dual-Face, Agraya's AC is also overweight.
  • If you fail in the mission in which you are supposed to kill her, it will be noted that she survives the "assassination attempt." However, she is never mentioned again.
  • Among the many few Ravens' whose ACs make use purely of Crest manufactured parts, the other being Cypress and Genobee.